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Telecommunication and Internet

Which internet and mobile phone service providers are there? What about terrestrial network providers?  Which TV and radio channels are available in Austria? Do I have to pay a fee for my TV and radio licence?

What you Need to Know

  • In Austria, a mobile phone is called “handy”.
  • Austria’s biggest mobile phone service providers: A1 Telekom Austria, T-Mobile Austria, Hutchison Drei Austria
  • Austria’s biggest Internet service providers: A1 Telekom Austria, UPC, Chello
  • Public telephone booths are available throughout Graz.
  • There are 3 public service stations (ORF 1, ORF 2, ORF III) as well as many other national and international commercial stations.
  • There are radio and TV licence fees (GIS, licence fee info service) payable for using radio and TV services. It is free of charge for recipients of the state study grant.
Please pay attention to the different lengths of term, conditions and notice periods when you conclude a contract for telephone and Internet services.

TU Graz Services

What the City of Graz Offers

There are many free WLAN hotspots in Graz:

Free WLAN in Graz

Discount for Exchange Students

Members of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) can get a discounted tariff via the TU Graz Student Union from an Austrian mobile phone service provider. Find out more at the Welcome Events for Exchange Students and on the website of the International Department of HTU.