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PhD Union

The PhD Union is the official representative of all PhD students of the TU Graz. This includes all students who are employed at university as well as all students employed at external companies. This means, that you can come to us with all concerns and problems in regard to the doctoral studies.

The PhD Union is not responsible for applications for PhD positions – if you are looking for a PhD position at TU Graz, please follow this detailed description or talk to your prospective supervisor, research group or institute.

The PhD Union is also the junction of all 14 Doctoral Schools and has close contact to all student representatives of the Doc Schools. Furthermore, it has representatives in all important committees such as the Curriculum Commission and the Senate. This enables the PhD Union to structurally improve the situation of PhDs. Last but not least they organise all kinds of events throughout the year: From talks and workshops over excursions to research facilities to after-work get-togethers.

This makes the PhD Union the perfect place to go for everyone who wants to improve their conditions of studying, realise their own ideas, help their fellow students or just meet colleagues of different fields of expertise.

Achievement: Task Force Doctorate

Conversations with other PhD students unearthed numerous structural problems concerning studies, which were evaluated and debated in a think tank about the future of the doctoral studies at the TU Graz: Start and progress of PhD studies, quality assurance, networking and time management.

This think tank evolved into a task force, which is held monthly since April 2019. It poses a possibility for informal communication between the vice rectors of teaching and research, the heads of the curricula commission and us, the PhD Union. First great successes include an annually budget for each doctoral school, the start of a mentoring system for PhDs as well as the plan for a new online-tool, which shall make the PhD process easier to understand and more clearly arranged.

Successful Events: DocTales

If you’ve ever wondered what your colleagues are up to, our recurring lecture series DocTales is the perfect event for you. Other people from the PhD microcosm will give interesting talks about their work, about 20 minutes each. You may broaden your horizons or even find common interests, and the talks are followed by a get-together with snacks and drinks. So, if you are curious, want to get to know your colleagues better, or just want to have some pizza, then come to the next event!

No registration is needed and you can find information about the upcoming events on our social media channels.