Practical Course 1 & 2

Joy in working with wood
There is no denying and it cannot be overlooked. The industrial influences our thinking and governs our doing in construction. Standardisation, premanufacturing and digitalisation are the keywords that we encounter on a daily basis. We take it for granted, that construction itself and with timber in particular is solely understood as an assembly process of industrially (pre-)fabricated timber products and elements. However, beside this work only being governed by efficiency, we ignore the cultural meaning of our doing.
Because of that it seems more than necessary to shift our focus also to the craftsmanship of carpentry. Construction is still an analogous task and always demanded the mentioned craftsmanship. And exactly that is the content of Practical Course 1 and 2. Of course, these can only be seen as an introduction to the basics of the handicraft of the carpenter. But only through the own doing one is able to develop an appreciation for these craftsmanships. 

Practical Course 1 [208.454 | 1,5 SE | 2,0 ECTS] [Carpentry]
In the scope of Practical Course 1 the students get to know the craftsmanship of the carpenter. In cooperation with the Landesinnung Holzbau Steiermark and the Landesberufschule (LBS) Murau  the students have the possibility to educate themselves in the usage with the tools and machines of the carpenter. After an introduction the students get to manufacture a small, yet sophisticated  object as a team and under the supervision of two carpentry masters and teachers of the LBS Murau. 

Practical Course 1 - 2023 [Course supervision: M. Gstettner, G. Schickhofer] | two-week block from 27. February to 10. March 2023:
Content supervision [LBS Murau]: ZM R. Schweiger, ZM G. Guster
Objekt'23: "reading-pavilion in larch" [according to plans of a survey and analysis of a pavilion built in 1913] 

gluing of the rafters

assembly of the roof construction

ground sills

frame construction


PC1-Team 2023 with the finished pavilion

What happened after that?

The work at the LBS Murau was completed and the students were proud of their pavilion. With that, the course was completed and everyone was graded with a "participated". For us, the leaders of the course, a new phase began, because what should happen next with this "reading pavilion"? After dismantling and transporting it to Graz, the individual elements were stored in a weather-protected area in the BTZ.

A site wanted to be found. It didn't take long before our offer to give it to a school for use was accepted and landed on fertile ground. The BAfEP Graz made a suitable place available and thus began the considerations for implementation. After preparatory work in the house, the foundation work was completed in the last week of May.

Immediately afterwards, the individual elements were brought to the construction site and the construction of the wooden structure began. The lining of the roof structure formed the conclusion, which at the same time served as a surface for applying the roof. In this context, we would like to thank the teachers and students of the "Landesberufschule Graz" - Department: Roofers and Plumbers - who undertook the roofing of the pavilion as their final thesis. Finally, the floor was produced in the form of a brick covering, cleaning as well as the finishing work was also carried out.

G. Schickhofer, Graz, 6. July 2023

pavilion floor

finished pavilion

Practical Course 2 [208.551 | 1,5 SE | 2,0 ECTS] [Furniture]
Already in SS 2022 the adaption and expansion of the wood workshop at the Institute of Timber Engineering and Wood Technology took place under supervision of TM Ing. B. Heissenberger and  the assistance of DI M. Gstettner and P. Schickhofer, BA. Five workplaces equipped with european and japanese tools - four more will be added - are now available for the students interested in craftsmanship.

wall with tools

workshop with 5 workspaces


Glimpse of the course first held in WS 2022|23:
After an introduction to the "correct" handling of the tools of the carpenter, the students were able  to show their skills. Surprisingly quick the crafting skills that are probably lying in each one of us showed and with the joy of the own doing increasing on a daily basis the participants showed their craftsmanship on different workpieces. The "assistant's piece" - a casket - served as the worthy close of these two intense weeks in our newly equipped wood workshop. 

Practical Course 2 - 2023 [Course supervision: G. Schickhofer] | two-week block from 6. february to 17. February 2023:
Content supervision [OE_208]: TM B. Heissenberger [assistance: M. Gstettner]
Objekt'23: "casket in spruce" [according to plans for the assistant's piece of the carpenter]

TM B. Heissenberger explains the tools




workpieces with carpentry connections

PC2-Team 2023 with finished caskets