Book Chapter
Reinhard Brandner and Lisa-Mareike Ottenhaus Properties of salvaged structural timber components: How to account for long-term loading effects given unknown load histories?COST ACTION CA 20139 Holistic design of taller timber buildings (HELEN): STATE OF THE ART REPORT71-75
Gerhard Fink and Reinhard Brandner Quantification and classification of salvaged timber components via Bayes updatingCOST ACTION CA 20139 Holistic design of taller timber buildings (HELEN): STATE OF THE ART REPORT76-78
Journal Article
Raimund Sieder and Reinhard Brandner Probabilistic Models for the Tensile Properties of Split Boards and Their Application for the Prediction of Bending Properties of Engineered Timber Products Made of Norway Spruce
Reinhard Brandner and Lukas Jantscher Out-of-Plane Tensile Properties of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)
Conference/Workshop Article
Andreas Ringhofer, David Glasner and Johann Scheibenreiter Verschraubte BSH-BSP-Rippenplatten - Versuch und Praxis Forum Holzbau International 305-318
Raimund Sieder and Reinhard Brandner Tensile properties of lengthwise split boards and their application in engineered timber products Doktorandenkolloquium 121-130
David Glasner, Andreas Ringhofer, Reinhard Brandner and Gerhard Schickhofer Contribution to the testing, evaluation and design of cross laminated timber (CLT) in resprect to rolling shear INTER - International Network on Timber Engineering Research
Michael Gstettner, Reinhard Brandner and Andreas Ringhofer Universität Stuttgart - Doktorandenkolloquium Universität Stuttgart - Doktorandenkolloquium 185-194
Technical Report
Raimund Sieder and Reinhard Brandner AP3: Biege- und Schubkenngrößen von flex_GLT|CLT beams sowie dazugehörige Kenngrößen des Grundmaterials und der Keilzinken
Other Article
Andreas Drexler, Aleksandar Vujic, Harald Matthias Fitzek, Erwin Reischer, Johann Scheibenreiter, Ulrich Stiefler, Andreas Ringhofer, Rudolf Vallant and Josef Domitner Hydrogen absorption during industrial manufacturing of timber screws
Ursula Mahlknecht, Reinhard Brandner and Andreas Ringhofer Block shear model for axially-loaded groups of screws
Maximilian Westermayr, Reinhard Brandner, Andreas Ringhofer, Ursula Mahlknecht and Jan-Willem van de Kuilen Performance, design and execution of screwd stee-timber end-grain connections

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