Teaching / Courses

Scripts and Teaching Aids

All scripts and teaching aids prepared by the institute and required for the offered courses are only available on TUGRAZonline.

Examination Dates

All current examination dates are listed in the TUGRAZonline. Therefore permitted documents and tools vary between the individual courses and are communicated within the lectures.

Bachelor’s Degree Courses

Courses offered by the institute

Basics of Timber Engineering3.0 VUTUGRAZonline
Risk in Structural Civil Engineering 1.5 VUTUGRAZonline
Bachelor-Project4.0 SPTUGRAZonline

In cooperation with other institutes

Introduction in Civil Engineering1.5 VOTUGRAZonline
Building materials basics0.5 VOTUGRAZonline
Mathematics III (statistics)1.0 VOTUGRAZonline
Laboratory Tests2.0 SETUGRAZonline

Master's Degree Courses

Additions and Extensions

Timber Engineering 12.0 VUTUGRAZonline
Timber Engineering 22.0 VUTUGRAZonline
Risk and Saftety in Civil Engineering2.0 SETUGRAZonline
Gluing Technology and Wood-Based Materials1.0 VOTUGRAZonline
Survey, Structural Analysis, Maintenance and
Preservation of Timber Structures
2.0 VOTUGRAZonline


Structures in Timber 3.5 SPTUGRAZonline
Timber Bridges 1.0 VUTUGRAZonline
Timber Constructions1.0 VOTUGRAZonline 

Practice and Excursion

Timber and forestry industry1.0 SETUGRAZonline
Timber Construction Internship 1 1.5 SETUGRAZonline
Timber Construction Internship 21.5 SETUGRAZonline

Scientific Work

Master-Project4.0 PTTUGRAZonline
Master Thesis--

Courses in Doctoral School

Research Seminar on Timber Engineering and Wood Technology 2.0 PVTUGRAZonline

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