Mission Statement

Student education is the main task of the Institute of Timber Engineering and Wood Technology. Thereby, teaching is oriented to impart fundamental knowledge about timber and timber constructions as well as research-based knowledge regarding the practical application of timber as building product. Furthermore, students are motivated to collaborate in interdisciplinary fields to support their international competitiveness. The institute considers itself as an important part of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Graz University of Technology. The entire team is engaged to strengthen the international reputation of the university. The institute is active in the field of basic research within its core competencies. Furthermore, it strives to use intersections between scientific disciplines to open up new research fields. The institute supports young academics with interdisciplinary teaching, integration into ongoing research activities as well as contacts to national and international recognised research facilities. The institute aims on creating a supportive environment to encourage young researchers and consequently to increase the number of PhD students. Maintaining the personal integrity of the researches, combined with providing their necessary freedom is essential to enable the best possible research-output and therefore reflects the mission statement of the institute. The institute actively collaborates with national and international companies to ensured up-to-date application-oriented research activities. In combination with ongoing basic research, a high potential for innovations is provided. The pursuit of topics throughout the whole processing chain of wood and timber-based products is in accordance with the continuously growing demand of the society in respect to sustainability and ecological and resource-efficient buildings. Top performance in teaching and research is realised by excellent teamwork. Nevertheless, this shall not restrict the individual development of teachers and researches.

Institute of Timber Engineering and Wood Technology
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