Survey, Structural Analysis, Maintenance and Preservation of Timber Structures

Survey, Structural Analysis, Maintenance and Preservation of Timber Structures [208.476 | 2,0 L | 3,0 ECTS]The course „Survey, Structural Analysis, Maintenance und Preservation of Timber Structures“ deals with all tasks and responsibilities of a structural engineer related to existing structures made of timber and the durability of timber in general. Therefore both historic structures erected by carpenters and engineering-designed structures are treated. The aim is to survey existing structures, to analyze them and to calculate the load-bearing safety. Furthermore repair concepts are devolped if applicable to fulfill the current requirements of the standards and/or usage. Aspects of the protection of monuments have to be taken into account frequently during repair measures.
The preservation of timber plays an important role for the health of users, the serviceable life of timber structures as well as for environmental protection and the image of timber buildings. Basis of a responsible wood preservation is the understanding of the wooden structure, ingredients and the natural durability. The knowledge of the conditions of life of wood-destroying fungi and insects and the differentiation of the most common species enables to work out an adjusted timber preservation by suitable construction principles and chemical. On top of that all needed standards, guidelines, laws and literature sources are pointed out.

At the end of the course, students should be able to carry out independently surveys and their evaluation and analysis. They will know the fundamental weak points and causes for structural damages. They should be able to derive a relatistic structural modelling from the existing an analyse them. The students will be able to develop repair concepts including all needed details. In connection with this, students will get insights to the work of building experts.
Furthermore, students should be able to implement the principles of wood preservation according to standards. In addition, the most common wood-destroying fungi and insects should be known including adequate preventive and counteracting measures for preservation. Knowledge of the microscopic and macroscopic structure of wood, natural durability and the conditions of life of fungi and insects shall be verified.

The course will be held as lecture. The theoretical knowledge is supported by reconstructed joints, historic carpentry tools, fungis and insects. Executed details and the practical approach of preventive and counteracting measures for preservation are discussed.
Additionally every student carries out independently surveys and measurements in a historic roof structure on site.

Survey, Structural Analysis, Maintenance and Preservation of Timber Structures - 2023 [Course supervision: A. Meisel, F. Tscherne, J. Zehetgruber] 
Object'23: "Schloss Klaffenau" [Exemplary Report of the Object]