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The Dean of Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering, Gernot Müller-Putz, is proud to publish the 2023 Dean's List. The list features the top 5% students of their respective study program and semester. Each student received a certificate commemorating their outstanding achievements.

The Scholarship worth 12.000€ was awarded! Oliver Christoph Popa won the Dean´s List Scholarship due to extraordinary achievements within his bachelor degree. Congratulations to Oliver Christoph Popa!

Oliver Christoph Popa (recipient), Ursula Augsdörfer (Dean of Study CSBME), Gernot Müller-Putz (Dean CSBME)

Hey scholarship winner, who are you?

A short Q&A with our scholarship holder

Who are you?
My name is Oliver Popa and I'm studying Computer Scvience for my Master's Degree at TU Graz.

Where are you from?
I am from Feldbach in Styria.

What are you doing?
I´m currently in a Master's Degree with the Major in Information Security.

I likie doing sports, such as snowboarding and I'm regularly going to the gym.

What are your plans after graduation?
I´m planning to get a job as a Computer Scientist, but I'm not sure in which field exactly.

What does the scholarship mean to you?
It means to me that I can focus on my studies without worrying about money.

What are you going to do with the scholarship?
I am going to use it for my daily life as a student.

Do you work alongside your studies?
Yes, I'm a teaching assistant at TU Graz for Computer Organization and Networks and Information Security.

Will anything change with the scholarship?
No, because I'm planning a semester abroad during my Master's Degree Program. The scholarship will definetly make it easier for me.

Only the best of the best even have a chance at the scholarship. What is your secret for your outstanding achievements?
I like most of the subjects in my studies, so it's easier for me to invest a lot of time. But I don't think that there is really a secret for success.

Thank you!

Dean´s List 2023

Biomedical Engineering

2nd semester:
Lilian Bruss, Anna Franciska Duschnig, Vincent Thomas Valente

4th semester:
Kim-Franziska Ziegler, Lukas Czipin, Leonhard Hofbauer, Boris Tischler

Bachelor's degree completed:
Tobias Paul Trimmal, Laura Maria Höber, Laurenz Nagler

Computer Science

2nd semester:
Benjamin Kranabenter, Matthias Bergmann, David Schmid, Daniel Lucas Tobi, Anto Dovodja, Fedel Jankir, Johannes Schoberl

4th semester:
Tanja Mayer, Fabian Gabriel Fink, Matthias Siegfried Grilz

Bachelor's degree completed:
Felix Schatzl, Felix Windisch

Information and Computer Engineering

2nd semester:
Adrian Trummer, David Wippel, Sebastian Johannes Stieger

4th semester:
Dominik Puchleitner

Bachelor's degree completed:
Patrick Krumpl, Maximilian Ogris

Software Engineering and Management

2nd semester:
Mathias Arbeiter, David Lanser, Dennis Halilaj, Jonathan Maier, Lukas Payerl

4th semester:
Anna Lechner, Dominik Milacher, Valentin Schupfer, Florian Wolfgang Deutschmann

Bachelor's degree completed:
Oliver Christoph Popa, Alexander-Constantin Friessnig, Armin Bodingbauer, Stella Lukasser