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The Dean of Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering, Roderick Bloem, is proud to publish the 2022 Dean's List. The list features the top 5% students of their respective study program and semester. Each student received a certificate commemorating their outstanding achievements.

The Scholarship worth 12.000€ was awarded! Tina Holliber won the Dean´s List Scholarship due to extraordinary achievements within her bachelor degree. Congratulations to Tina Holliber!

Tina Holliber (recipient), Roderick Bloem (Dean CSBME), Ursula Augsdörfer (Dean of Study CSBME)

Hey scholarship winner, who are you?

A short Q&A with our scholarship holder

Who are you?
I am Tina Holliber and I´m currently studying Biomedical Engineering at Graz University of Technology.

Where are you from?
I am from Klagenfurth in Carinthia.

What are you doing?
I´m currently in a Master's Degree with the Main Focus in Medical Imaging and a smaller Focus in Brain Computer Interfacing.

I love doing sports! I regulary go running or to the gym, but my biggest hobby is scuba diving.

What are your plans after graduation?
I´m planning to start a PhD program, where I might do part of it abroad.

What does the scholarship mean to you?
It shows me that my work is recognized and I think everyone is happy when his/her work is recognized. In that sense it means a lot to me!

What are you going to do with the scholarship?
I will use part of it for my hobbies and the other part of it I will use for daily life and to finish my Master's Degree.

Do you work alongside your studies?
Yes, I have been working for two years at the University of Technology. On the one hand I am working as a project assistant, where I get some insight in scientific work. On the other hand I am working as a student assistant, where I help other students with certain topics.

Will anything change with the scholarship?
Not really, I benefit from my jobs, so I keep them. But of course, live is easier with money and I do not need to worry about my future as a student.

Only the best of the best even have a chance at the scholarship. What is your secret for your outstanding achievements?
I think there is no golden answer, I am personally very organized and I don’t try to do everything in the last minute. But I also have colleagues who do the exact opposite and doing great work as well. I think everyone should find their own way to cope with the daily university live.

Thank you!

Dean´s List 2022

Biomedical Engineering

2nd semester:
Lukas Czipin, Elias Josef Leibetseder, David Peherstorfer, Samuel Humer

4th semester:
Milan Stanic, Thomas Alexander Pucher, Markus Kobor

Bachelor's degree completed:
Ingrid Barth, Tina Maria Holliber

Computer Science

2nd semester:
Moritz Robert Pistauer, Luca Winkler

4th semester:
Jack Wolfgang Dähn, Simon Scherer

Bachelor's degree completed:
Patrick Louis Aldover, Kevin Innerebner, Irene Strauß, Thomas Wedenig

Information and Computer Engineering

2nd semester:
Philipp Kraft

4th semester:
Patrick Kumpl, Patrick Schuster

Bachelor's degree completed:
Jakob Faltisek, Benedikt Joachim Kantz

Software Engineering and Management

2nd semester:
Stefan Etzelstorfer, Stefan Schnecker

4th semester:
Stella Lukasser, Daniel Scharf, Oliver Christoph Popa, Paul Matthias Mühlbacher

Bachelor's degree completed:
Christof Feischl, Julian Raphael Jautz, Thomas Langs