Doctoral Examinations (Rigorosen)

Daniel Perz

On Straight-Line Drawings of Graphs in the Plane: Angles, Triangles and Compatibility  

June 27th, 10:00

Chairman: Augsdörfer Ursula
1st examiner: Vogtenhuber Birgit
2nd examiner: Ruy Fabila-Monroy

Alexander Fuchs

Improving Efficiency and Generalization in DeepLearning Models for Industrial Applications

July 01st, 13:00

Chairman: Augsdörfer Ursula
1st examiner: Pernkopf Franz
2nd examiner: Tschiatschek Sebastian

Corina Kräuter

Quantitative Analysis of Micro- und Macro-scale Blood Flow from Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging  

July 04th, 11:00

Chairman: Scharfetter Hermann
1st examiner: Stollberger Rudolf
2nd examiner: Beer Meinrad

Kevin Theuermann

Trustworthy Service Composition Systems for E-Government  

July 12th, 09:00

Chairman: Augsdörfer Ursula
1st examiner: Posch Reinhard
2nd examiner: Prodan Radu

Past Examinations

Jianbo Tao

Ontology-based combinatorial testing for autonomous driving systems

June 20th, 13:00

Chairman: Augsdörfer Ursula
1st examiner: Wotawa Franz
2nd examiner: Gargantini Angelo

Daniel Kales

Improving Modern Cryptographic Protocols using Domain-Specific Symmetric Primitives

May 20th, 11:00
IFEG 042

Chairman: Augsdörfer Ursula
1st examiner: Rechberger Christian
2nd examiner: Carsten Baum

Markus Schofnegger

Design and Analysis of Arithmetization-Oriented Cryptographic Primitives

April, 28th, 14:00

Chairman: Gruß Daniel
1st examiner: Rechberger Christian
2nd examiner: Tiessen Tyge

Johanna Rock

Resource-efficient Neural Networks for Automotive Radar Interference Mitigation

April, 12th,14:00
IDEG 134 and webex

Chairman: Steinbauer-Wagner Gerald
1st examiner: Pernkopf Franz
2nd examiner: Fröning Holger

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