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Here is all the TU Graz news in the section 'Studying and Teaching'. The editorial team welcomes your suggestions, feedback and information about current events. Please contact us by email.
A plant grows out of a computer chip

Novel Education Programmes for Sustainable Microchips Made in Europe

An international project led by TU Graz brings together 15 universities, companies and research institutions with the aim of training urgently needed specialists for the semiconductor industry. The EU is funding the project to the tune of 7.15 million euros.   Read more 31. October 2023

TU Graz student team is European rocketry champion

The "Aerospace Team Graz" competed in Constância, Portugal, with its hybrid rocket "Halcyon" and won the overall ranking of the European Rocketry Challenge for the first time.   Read more 23. October 2023


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