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Higher Education Didactics

To ensure a high standard of teaching, TU Graz places great value on the training of its teaching staff.

To this end, TU Graz offers teaching staff the opportunity to take part in the Teaching Academy, a higher education didactic qualification programme which comprises three modules and can be tailored to specific needs and interests.

In addition to the courses offered within the framework of the Teaching Academy, TU Graz teaching staff can also take part in other training programmes offered by TU Graz and the Steirische Hochschulkonferenz.

To show appreciation for outstanding quality of teaching, TU Graz awards the Prize for Excellence in Teaching every two years.

  • Didaktik Werkstatt 2022

    “Didaktik-Werkstatt” 2022: Registration now possible

    The “Didaktik-Werkstatt” (didactics workshops) of the “Steirische Hochschulkonferenz” goes into the next round between February and July 2022. As teaching staff, you can receive comprehensive continuing education in five half-day workshops. More ...

  • Prize for Excellence in Teaching

    Nomination: Prize for Excellence in Teaching

    For the academic year 2021/22, the "Prize for Excellence in Teaching" will again be tendered.  More ...

  • Learning materials

    eCampus: Webinar series from 29 November

    A new webinar series starts on 29 November at the eCampus of the Styrian universities. Four different aspects form the basis for teaching staff to exchange experiences and discuss. More ...

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Teaching Academy

Dr. phil.
Phone: +43 316 873 3664

Andreas ALBERS
Phone: +43 316 873 3671


Teaching Academy

The Teaching Academy’s higher education didactic programme is organised into three modules and covers a broad spectrum of topics. In addition to workshops which provide a foundation to build upon, the Teaching Academy also offers teaching staff courses which are tailored in terms of content and format to best suit their individual needs.

Further information for TU Graz teaching staff can be found in the intranet TU4U.

To register for courses offered by the Teaching Academy, please visit In-House Training in TUGRAZonline.

Further higher education didactic programmes

TU Graz also offers higher education didactic training as part of the following programmes:

Training opportunities offered by the Steirische Hochschulkonferenz: