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Master's Degree Programme Mechanical Engineering and Business Economics

Study directly at the interface between technology and economy! In the master’s degree programme Mechanical Engineering and Business Economics at TU Graz, you can combine technical skills with business knowledge and management-oriented reasoning. After graduation, industrial engineers in mechanical engineering are in demand nationally and internationally across all sectors – from manufacturing companies to banks and insurance companies.


  • You deepen your knowledge in mechanical engineering and business economics and apply it in an interdisciplinary environment.
  • You combine technical knowledge with economic capabilities and social skills.
  • You gain knowledge about building up industrial production: product development, planning, procurement, production, sales and marketing.
  • You learn to understand current theories, principles and methods of mechanical engineering and apply these in practice.
  • You use critical and analytical tools to solve problems in the field of techno-economics.
  • You conduct independent research and application-oriented projects.
  • You write scientific reports.
  • You prepare and present results of work effectively and using modern tools.
  • You develop and hone social skills such as teamwork, team leadership and negotiation strategies.

Specialisation Subjects

  • Production Technology
  • Energy Technology
  • Computational Engineering
  • Product Development of Mechatronic Systems
  • Motor and Drive Technology
  • Automotive Engineering and Safety
  • Economic Sciences

You specialise in Economic Sciences and in one of the the other specialisation subjects.

Four young people with a model car and a camera

  • Duration of study: 4 semesters
  • ECTS credit points: 120
  • Academic degree: Diplom-Ingenieurin or Diplom-Ingenieur (Dipl.Ing. oder DI), equivalent to the Master of Science (MSc)
  • Language of instruction: German
  • Admission requirements:
    The admission of graduates of the following bachelor’s degree programmes is granted without further stipulations:

    Graduates of other bachelor’s degree programmes should register with the responsible representative at the Registrar's Office.

Curriculum (in German)

Semester plan

Isabella Grünbichler
Isabella Grünbichler, master's degree student in Mechanical Engineering and Business Economics

When I was in school, I didn't know exactly which degree programme I should choose after completing my school leaving examination. I was interested in many subjects. By taking part in the programme FIT – Women in Science and Technology, I became aware of the offers at TU Graz and finally decided to enter the bachelor's programme in Mechanical Engineering and Business Economics. In the meantime, I have advanced to the master's programme; I am very happy that I did not give up. Although I stumbled when trying to leap over some hurdles, I always got up and tried again.

Admission Deadlines

Winter semester 2021/22:

12 July to 30 November 2021

Summer semester 2022:

10 January to 30 April 2022

Further informationen on registration and admission

International degree programme applicants: admission and application deadlines

Andreas Kohlweiss
Andreas Kohlweiss, graduate; PhD student in Technco-Economics and university assistant at TU Graz

Studying Mechanical Engineering and Business Economics was far more than a simple education in the subject. Today, I benefit the most from the problem-solving skills that I had to learn in order to be able to graduate from the degree programme. Because the programme allowed me access to the university institutes, I was able to participate in R&D projects and take part in teaching as a student assistant during my studies.

These positive experiences motivated me to pursue my current profession as a university assistant. Working with students and participating in university research offers me the extensive chances for personal development, which, in turn, makes the profession so interesting.

Career Options

Industrial engineers working in the field of mechanical engineering find employment in many sectors and all branches of industry, from manufacturing companies to banks and insurance companies.

They work in supporting and leading positions

  • in corporate management and corporate development;
  • in controlling and corporate planning,
  • in research & (product) development,
  • in innovation management,
  • in production and project management,
  • in technical purchasing and supply management,
  • in technology marketing and quality management,
  • in human resource management and personnel development,
  • in information management and
  • as management consultants.

Students of industrial engineering can already begin working with partner companies of TU Graz during their studies, for example, in the course of the master's thesis through cooperation projects with high-tech companies in the field of mechanical and plant engineering or the automotive industry. This enables graduates to have a successful career start.

Information and Advice for Prospective Students