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Advanced Software Quality Assurance for Technical Management

The software sector is dominated by extremely rapid development, which makes continuous quality assurance necessary in order to prevail against the competition. The technical management of software enterprises has to meet demands to produce software to specification with the best possible functionalities at the lowest possible price, rapidly and with appropriate assurance.

Many companies need to improve in this area as a result of a variety of holdups and the constantly moving state of the art of software quality assurance.


In this seminar, employees of partner companies in the software and ICT sector take six courses to learn about software tests, continuous integration and code quality.

The innovative setting: After the teams from technical management have acquired state-of-the-art know-how in quality assurance, they then carry out a status assessment, based on the level model they have developed together, and draw up a feasible individual implementation plan. This stage of the programme uses a moderated exchange of ideas between experts from the university and the company and collective consulting on the implementation strategy for each company using the proven method of systemic consensing.

Quick Facts

  • Dates: 15 September 2019 to 14 March 2020
  • Courses: 6 courses in the focus areas software tests, continuous integration and code quality, and an online phase
  • Goal: Advanced training of mentor/mentee teams from technical management
  • Participants: 18 employees of the partner companies
  • Scientific partners: 1
  • Company partners: 9
  • Funding authority: Federal Ministry Republic of Austria Digital and Economic Affairs, Programme R&D Competences for Industry

Registration and participation is only open to employees of the partner companies.

Scientific Partners

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