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CompElev Qualification Network

There is an undisputed need for training in the core areas of digitization, smart factory and cyber security. Training programmes are offered in this area, but most of these are highly specialized and address isolated topics that are far removed from social and network-based aspects that are important for a successful transformation.

During the development and analysis of CompElev (Digital Competence Elevator for Safe, Secure and Smart Enterprises) Qualification Network, specific qualification needs in the smart factory and cyber security areas were identified, and a customized modular qualification program was developed for the partner companies and their employees.


The qualification programme is divided into the modules "Basic Knowledge", "Advanced Knowledge", "Laboratory" and "Exchange" and is based on 5 technological pillars as well as 2 additional pillars which integrate social aspects of the transformation.

The 7 pillars are:

  • Smart Technologies
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and digital communication
  • Robotics
  • Safety & Security
  • Data Management
  • Digital Production Ecosystem
  • Smart Decisions und Co-creation

Extensive support events with exchange programmes, feedback rounds, and even joint-use case development and reflection sessions will promote networking and encourage participants to cooperate with one another, bridging the existing company boundaries, from the very beginning.

Quick facts

  • Duration: 1 March 2021 to 28 February 2023
  • Courses: a total of 108 courses on 7 topics are included in different modules (basic, in-depth, laboratory and exchange)
  • Goal: to provide participants with higher qualifications in the topics of smart technologies, IoT and digital communication, robotics, safety & security, data management, as well as social aspects of transformation
  • Participants: 125 employees of the partner companies
  • Scientific partners: 3
  • Corporate partners: 22
  • Funding agency: The qualification network is funded by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs via the FFG programme “R&D Competences for Industry".

Company Partners

  • AL-KO Production Austria GmbH
  • Antemo Anlagen und Teilefertigung GmbH
  • apus Software GmbH
  • asut Computer u. Rechenzentrum GmbH
  • AUTFORCE Automations GmbH
  • Axtesys GmbH
  • Dynamic Assembly Machines Anlagenbau GmbH
  • erfideo Software & Identifikations GmbH
  • Evon GmbH
  • Logicdata Electronic & Software Entwicklungs GmbH
  • Magna Powertrain GmbH
  • Payer International GmbH
  • Qualizyme Diagnostics GmbH & Co KG
  • Ringana GmbH
  • Schindler Fahrtreppen International GmbH
  • Siemens Energy Austria GmbH
  • TCM Austria Tool Consulting & Management GmbH
  • TCM International Tool Consulting & Management GmbH
  • TCM Systems GmbH
  • Trinitec IT Solutions & Consulting GmbH
  • Wild Electronik und Kunststoff GmbH& Co KG
  • Wild GmbH

In this qualification network, not only 125 employees of the industry are trained in the field of smart technologies, but they also learn methods and tools for digital transformation in order to enable the people involved to make a sustainable change. During the 2-year continuing education programme, the participating companies get to know each other's existing competences and current challenges and this becomes a valuable basis for further cooperation.

I chose the Robotics option, because we use industrial robots in our plants. As the person responsible for machine safety, it is important for me to understand the potential hazards in a plant more thoroughly. Fascinating and valuable topics and insights, which I’ve already been able to apply in my daily work, were offered throughout the course from the basic module up to the in-depth module.

In particular, the story of how to apply collaborative robots was exciting. Together with other company representatives, we were allowed to work hands-on with collaborative robots in the lab. This collaboration also resulted in exchange and networking between our company and other companies in the qualification network, and even a possible future project assignment.

Course Director

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