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Online Expert Spotlights

Beginning in March 2021, we will offer you exciting discussions and talks by and with experts from TU Graz and selected cooperation partners on the topics of digital transformation and research-based continuing education.

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Event Dates

4 March 2021: In German: Faktor Mensch – Welche Schlüsselkompetenzen braucht es für den digitalen Wandel?

8 April 2021: In German: Wandel in der Mobilität durch Digitalisierung

Duration: one hour, from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Additional dates: Every Thursday in the month


Expert Spotlight

In German: Faktor Mensch – Welche Schlüsselkompetenzen braucht es für den Digitalen Wandel

4 March 2021, 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.



Kurt Mayer
Kurt MAYER, Leadership development consultant, Integrated Consulting Group

From a leadership perspective, the digital transformation goes hand in hand with a high degree of uncertainty, dynamism and increasing virtualisation. This spotlight looks at these perspectives along two axes:

Psychological security: How do I - despite insecurity, crisis and especially virtualisation - always create psychological security within my team so that everyone is encouraged to bring all important ideas, impulses, concerns and fears into the joint work and we do not lose employees even in the home office?

Result-orientation: How do we succeed in placing the desired results at the centre of the team work and how do employees really take responsibility for the results?

Stefan Vorbach
Prof. Stefan VORBACH, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs at Graz Technical University

Digitalisation affects all functional areas of a company and causes a high level of dynamism in our society. In order for companies to move from reacting to acting, all employees must know and be able to make their contribution. In this Expert Spotlight, we look at the necessary key competences that, based on current scientific findings, are suitable for making companies more agile and fitter for digital business now and in the future.