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What’s going on in the world of continuing education? Glance over the current issues appearing on the TU Graz Life Long Learning website and take a peek at our courses and university programmes! Make sure not to miss any important events and deadlines!

Read the news review to find out about developments in TU Graz Life Long Learning over the last few years: News Review

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    Introducing: Markus Karlseder, participant in the MBA program Leadership in Digital Transformation

    We start a new series and introduce you to participants, alumni, course leaders and lecturers of our master programs and courses. More...


  • [Translate to Englisch:] Astronaut Frank De Wimme

    Masterprogramme SpaceTech: Meet the Commander!

    In the 4th module in Cologne, not only was the topic "Human Space Flight" on the schedule, but the participants had the unique opportunity to meet a "real" astronaut. More...

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    Competence Elevator (CompElev): Successful completion of the qualification program

    At an interactive closing event on February 15, the project partners looked back on two intensive years. More ...



Working Together to Achieve a Sustainable Future

The students who have recently graduated from the "Sustainable Construction" programme are looking forward to applying their newly acquired skills in the construction sector and to helping reverse climate change.

There is still a great deal to do, and there are many ways in the construction industry to make a significant contribution to achieving climate neutrality. The diversity of master’s thesis topics chosen by participants in the joint TU Vienna and TU Graz programme also clearly shows this. These include how to use cooling systems efficiently, renovate existing buildings, avoid soil sealing despite construction, certification systems, how to use vacancies or promote affordable and sustainable housing.

The ceremonial presentation of the graduation certificates took place on December 5, 2022, in the Kuppelsaal at TU Vienna.



More info about the programme



Good to Know: What Exactly Are "Microcredentials"?

In recent years, so-called "microcredentials" have made their way into the complex world of continuing education. But what exactly are these "mini-diplomas"?  

The term "microcredentials" is often used as a synonym for "short courses," although it can also refer to modules and "module bundles" that are extracted from full master's programmes.

Topics of current and relevance in the job market are addressed in these "microcredentials", which are particularly well suited for working professionals, as the online self-learning phases can be easily planned around everyday working life. These phases enable participants to acquire knowledge, but are also complemented by in-depth study and practice phases (either online or face-to-face), which are supervised by experts in the field.  After successfully completing a final performance assessment, you will receive a certificate issued by a university.

On the platform microcredentials.at, you will find the list of microcredentials offered by TU Graz, which is being continually expanded.



FOR LEADERS 5.0: New Executive MBAs at TU Graz

From March 2023 and on, people with leadership and management experience will be able to choose between two offers: "EMBA Digital Leadership" and "EMBA Green and Digital Transition". 

Transformations, turning points, disruptions: Many companies are currently facing the challenge of rethinking their business models and comprehensively integrating new technologies, as well as ensuring sustainability and decarbonisation. 

Two new Executive MBA programmes at TU Graz help to provide you with a scientifically sound and action-oriented qualification in the broad field of digitalisation and the Green Transition at a strategic and operational level. 

Upcoming online info sessions:

  • Executive MBA Green and Digital Transition: Monday, 09.02.2023, 17:00 Uhr, Registration link
  • Executive MBA Digital Leadership: Freitag, 10.02.2023, 17:00 Uhr, Registration link

Even more dates and information at: www.EMBALead.tugraz.at and www.EMBATwin.tugraz.at   

We train future experts in hydropower

Hydropower secures a sustainable energy future and is an integral part of the energy transition. The next "Hydropower" course starts on 3 March 2023. 

Hydropower is one of the most important energy sources and is being assigned enormous importance in these politically turbulent times, especially in view of the climate crisis and global dependencies. 

The university course on "Hydropower " has been developed for people working in the field of hydropower who would like to develop their technical and professional skills still further: Aspects of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and civil engineering, as well as environmental protection, sustainability, and ecology, are as much a part of this in-service course as organisational and economic aspects. Based on your previous training and professional experience, two different certificate options are offered. 
If you complete your application by 24 December 2022, you will receive an early bird bonus that reduces the participation fees by 10%. 
More info: www.wasserkraft.tugraz.at  


Helga Kromp-Kolb Opens the University Certificate Programme in Sustainable Construction

One of the most famous climate scientists of our time has chosen to lecture in the university certificate programme, which just kicked off for the 6th time.

It’s not every day that you have the chance to meet people you know mainly from the media. For this reason, we are very pleased that Dr. Kromp-Kolb agreed to serve as a lecturer for the University Certificate Programme in Sustainable Construction. As an internationally renowned scientist in the areas of meteorology and climatology, she is one of the leading experts on the topic of climate change. In her keynote speech entitled "Sustainable Developments", held at the first course session on October 20, she emphasised that we can only fully address the climate crisis if everyone works together, both internationally and nationally. 

In this spirit, we wish all participants a good start in the programme and for a successful period of continuing education!