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What’s going on in the world of continuing education? Glance over the current issues appearing on the TU Graz Life Long Learning website and take a peek at our courses and university programmes! Make sure not to miss any important events and deadlines!

Read the news review to find out about developments in TU Graz Life Long Learning over the last few years: News Review

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    Continuing education? New year, new course dates!

    Implement your training resolutions right at the beginning of the year and use our expertise for your professional career path! More...

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    We’ve done it: Master’s degrees for new accident research experts

    In the future, graduates of the two Master's Degree Programmes in Traffic Accident Research and Aviation Safety will put their expertise to good use for improving our safety. More...

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    Executive MBA in Green and Digital Transition: Learn More and Apply Now!

    Take advantage of the opportunities offered by new technologies and guide your company into the future by increasing your knowledge about decarbonisation and climate neutrality. More...



Continuing education? New year, new course dates!

Implement your training resolutions right at the start of the year and use our expertise for your professional career path!

Here you will find a selection of courses and microcredentials with start dates from January to March 2024:

More Courses



We've done it: Master's degrees for new accident research experts

In the future, graduates of the two Master's Degree Programmes in Traffic Accident Research and Aviation Safety will put their expertise to good use for improving our safety.

There are few other areas that are so immediately noticeable and encountered every day by each and every one of us. Those engaged in the profession of accident research, therefore, have special responsibilities. Diverse tasks need to be performed on the ground and in the air, as the master's theses written by students in the programme show. These were presented at the graduation ceremony held on November 6 by the proud programme director Hermann Steffan. The thesis topics ranged from human factors in aircraft and paraglider accidents to pedestrian protection methods and on to adapted vehicle designs and analyses of accidents involving cargo bikes, particularly with regard to the lack of child restraint systems.

Congratulations and we wish you all the best!




Executive MBA in Green and Digital Transition: Learn More and Apply Now!

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by new technologies and guide your company into the future by increasing your knowledge about decarbonisation and climate neutrality.

The Executive MBA programme provides managers with a scientifically sound and practice-based qualification at both strategic and operational levels in the broad subjects of digitalisation and the Green Transition.

In the application fields Energy & Production, Corporate Mobility, and Sustainable Construction of today, it is essential to learn more about new digital technologies and their use as well as about sustainability management (incl. reporting) and how to share specialised knowledge about decarbonisation.

Online information evenings:

Early bird bonus: Apply by 24 December 2023



"Glück auf": We Congratulate the New Tunnelling Experts!

On 2 October, graduates from the Master's Degree Programme "NATM-Engineering" received their degrees at a festive graduation ceremony.

"Tunnel boring is not boring" - and this master's programme certainly isn't either! Programme participants from all over the world (e.g., Mexico, Germany, Pakistan, Singapore) bravely and brilliantly overcame challenges associated with pursuing a higher education degree in the middle of the pandemic and also dealt with some unusual course hours: Since part of the programme had to be conducted online, some students increased their knowledge at daybreak, while others did this at nightfall.

In addition to the course leaders Robert Galler (MU Leoben) and Thomas Marcher (TU Graz), Ernst Kreuzer from LLL also praised the graduates’ achievements: "By completing this programme, you have prepared yourself to face the next challenges in tunnelling and subsurface engineering, and you impressively demonstrated that your resilience and performance is a cut above the rest. Congratulations!"


Attention all deep-tech innovators!

Do you have a great business idea? Apply for our 4-week online mentoring programme by October 18. You can gain valuable knowledge and win a prize from an expert jury as well.

Use the HEICE project’s “Online Startup Acceleration Programme” to take your idea for a business or startup to the next level! Throughout this 4-week mentoring programme, you will benefit from the professional experience of top experts such as founders, academic geniuses, venture capitalists and a governance agency.

Each participant team will hold a final presentation in front of a jury of experts and the winning team will receive a prize in the form of individual mentoring sessions with renowned experts.

  • Start of the programme: October 23, 2023
  • End of the programme: November 17, 2023
  • Workload: ca. 8 hours/week
  • Language: English
  • Application deadline: October 18, 2023
  • Details and application form – filling out the form takes less than 15 minutes!


Congratulation to the SpaceTech class of 2022/2023!

On September 12, graduates of the international  Master’s Degree Programme “SpaceTech" were awarded their diplomas in the venerable auditorium of the Old Campus.

What an exhilarating day! It is very rare that the defence of the master's thesis and the graduation ceremony take place on the same day. Nevertheless, the newly minted graduates of this unique degree programme can now look back on many intensive days over the last three semesters. All the effort was worthwhile: Franz Teschl, who was responsible for academic course management, proudly congratulated his former students on the fantastic results of their Central Case Project (CCP) and with it their potential contribution to future success of lunar missions.

On such a momentous occasion, nothing can express better what we feel than the final words of Nuno Baltazar dos Santos (alumni 2023): ”Let us embrace the challenges that lie ahead...let us go forward and continue to involve, explore, push boundaries…and make a lasting impact on the world. Our journey towards our future has just begun and I do not doubt that we will shape it in remarkable ways.”

Vitamin Boost for Autumn and Winter: Fresh course dates

Pick one of the upcoming course dates in a topic you are interested in and keep yourself professionally fit.

The days are becoming noticeably shorter and many activities are moving back indoors. Now is the perfect time for continuing your education.

Here is a small selection of our course offerings in different subject areas:


Job offer: We are looking for student assistents!

We are looking for dependable and service-oriented students to help supervise our courses on site.

Are you motivated, have great people skills and would you like to contribute to university continuing education? Then we have the perfect job for you:

At a workload of around 30 hours/month paying € 14.75/hour, you can gain valuable experience working for a university. Work may occasionally also take place on Saturdays.

Your tasks include:

  • Preparation and care of the seminar rooms
  • Supervision of examinations
  • Supervision of breaks
  • Installation of seminar infrastructure and electronic aids
  • Assistance with various mailings (e.g., information folders)


Interested? Then send us your CV to: lifelong.learningnoSpam@tugraz.at



Hello Earth, the battery is running low!

In their central study project, the students of the Master’s Programme "SpaceTech" developed a method for supporting moon exploration activities with solar energy from space.

Night is falling on the surface of the moon; it is getting dark and cold. A lone rover travels across the rocky landscape on a mission to explore the lunar surface. But suddenly, it stops. The rover has run out of energy...

One of the greatest obstacles facing robotic missions are the long and icy lunar nights, because without light, there is no available energy source for electricity generation. The students at “SpaceTech” have come up with an idea to potentially solve this problem: the “space-supported energy satellite”. It uses solar panels to generate electricity, which can then be transferred to different locations via high-energy lasers, i.e. a rover on the lunar surface. In this way, the service life of the robotic devices can be significantly extended. We are certainly looking forward to its implementation!


Good to know: New continuing education certificate and degree designations beginning in autumn 2023

From October 2023 and on, there will be changes in part-time continuing education programmes at Austria's higher education institutions.

One of the changes resulting from the amendment of the Austrian Universities Act (2021) is related to designations for certificates and degrees: The visibility of continuing education certificates and degrees granted in Austria will increase in that they will receive an additional label of "CE" for "Continuing Education". This also applies to the TU Graz Life Long Learning part-time master's programmes. For example, students who enter the international Master's Programme "SpaceTech" in the future (starting next in March 2024) will be awarded the title of "Master of Science" with the addition of "Continuing Education (CE)" after successfully completing the programme. The previous degree of "Master of Engineering" will no longer be awarded in master's programmes as of 30 September 2023.


Kick-off for the Paper and Pulp Technology Programme

Are you interested in the University Programme Paper and Pulp Technology? Have you already registered or are you planning to register for the programme? Then this kick-off event on 15 September 2023 is where you want to be!

The paper and pulp industry is incredibly diverse and so are the career opportunities for programme graduates: Not only paper and pulp, but also bioproducts like sugar for chewing gum and vanilla flavouring come from the paper industry. This industry also plays an important role in times of climate change. You can learn how to make active contributions to climate protection, ranging from the sustainable use of wood to the production of green electricity.

Kick-off event for the university programme, which begins in October 2023:

  • September 15, 2023, 4 p.m.
  • Institute of Bioproducts and Paper Technology, Inffeldgasse 23



All about new buildings, additions, and dismantling: "Sustainable Building” excursion

At the end of the semester, the Sustainable Construction programme participants visited innovative building projects on university sites in Graz.

Would you like to spend part of your studies doing something fun? The building project Graz Center of Physics is a good example of how the circular economy and "social urban mining" can work. Materials and objects are dismantled during the deconstruction process so that they can be reused afterwards. As part of this process, copper cables are collected, and other objects are gathered in a re-use box, such as clocks and armchairs from the former pre-clinic lecture halls, and then put up for sale.

The New Anatomy Building at MedUni Graz shows how this integration process can succeed on a historic site. The challenge here was not only to fulfil the requirements posed by the historical building materials and the new building, but also to create a reverent place where visitors could pay their respects to the bodies donated to science for teaching and research purposes. The completed annex is considered to be coherent, functional and sustainable.


Good to know: What are the 3 teaching phases at LLL?

Some of our courses and university programmes are offered in 3 phases: An online phase, an in-presence phase, and a transfer phase.

Online phase: In the online phase, basic subject knowledge is acquired through self-study, e.g. by referring to scripts and learning videos. Students can choose when and where they would like to study. They have access to a learning platform that they can use to ask questions and exchange information with others.

Attendance phase: Students deepen their knowledge in on-site course sessions. These give them the chance to discuss and reflect on the acquired knowledge with experts, as well as to apply it in the context of case study examples.

Transfer phase: This phase takes place either individually or in a team. Students use the acquired knowledge to work on questions and problems from their own business context.

LLL courses and university programmes in 3 phases include: Leadership in Digital Transformation, Decarbonisation and Sustainability Management, and Vehicle Technologies.

Mobility of the Future

The deepening courses “Future Mobility & Management” of the MBA University Programme starts on 11. September. Those interested can book the 3 modules offered in this exciting programme either individually or as a complete package to increase their knowledge. 

More flexible, more efficient and more environmentally friendly: This is what mobility should look like in the future. 
Those who would like to broaden their knowledge of current and future infrastructure and vehicle technologies and pick up specific decision-making skills that they can use to develop and apply new technologies and business models can do so by signing up for the following 3 modules/courses (either individually or as a complete "Future Mobility & Management" package): 

Registration deadline: 4 September 2023

More information about the "Future Mobility & Management" offer can be found at www.LeadTransformation.tugraz.at/mobility.



Life Long Learning Has Joined the "HEICE" Project

Together with the two TU Graz institutes BWL and UFO, entrepreneurial education and training programmes for "deep tech talents" are being developed.

TU Graz is one of the 16 winning consortia in this year's EIT HEI Initiative and, together with project partners from Portugal and Serbia, is receiving funding (EU / EIT KIC Health) to increase innovative capacity in deep tech areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and environmental technology. Students and alumni in particular, but also academic and administrative staff at the respective universities, will receive this specialised training. The aim is to build and develop entrepreneurship and innovation skills to close the gap between research and industry. Interdisciplinary cooperation, entrepreneurial education, mentoring programmes and networking events, for example, are being emphasised.

Learn more about the HEICE project

Introducing: Melanie Krisper, Graduate of the Master's Programme in Sustainable Construction

As a property manager and sustainability officer, the careful use of resources is close to Melanie’s heart, and not only in her private life, but above all in her professional life.

For BIG - Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H. in the OFM Team Steiermark, Melanie Krisper is responsible for the maintenance processes at Medical University of Graz. When asked why she took part in the Sustainable Building programme, she said, "After I finished my architecture studies, I felt as though I still had many questions about climate- and resource-friendly construction, surface sealing, the decarbonisation of existing buildings, as well as the responsibility of the builder, e.g. in terms of using climate-neutral materials." After completing the master's programme, Melanie Krisper is now looking forward to representing her current company both internally and externally to provide more education on the topic of sustainability and environmental protection.

Details on the programme starting in 2023


We Congratulate Our Graduates!

The graduates of the course "Decarbonisation and Sustainability Management" have taken the first step towards achieving climate neutrality in their own company.

In just 10 course sessions, participants were able to acquire basic knowledge about environmental and sustainability management systems, sustainability reporting and greenhouse gas balancing, as well as carbon management with a special focus on how to decarbonise supply chains through self-study (this video course is available for free, at https://imoox.at).

Of these participants, 11 opted to receive subsequent in-depth training in supervised in-presence sessions and in the context of an accompanying transfer project. Specific and individual questions could thus be answered in their own companies. The exciting results were presented at the certificate ceremony on 22 May.

The next course round will start on 11 September 2023.



Saluti dall'italia: SpaceTech in Frascati

The fifth in-presence unit for participants in the Master's Programme "Space Systems and Business Engineering" took place at the end of April at ESA's ESRIN site in Frascati.

In this unit, the participants could enrich both their theoretical knowledge and visit numerous aerospace facilities. The visit to the data centre of the ESA Centre for Earth Observation, for example, provided them with impressive insights into the wide range of services offered by Earth observation missions. These missions, which enable satellite observations of Earth and provide up-to-date and comprehensive data on our planet, gather valuable information in a wide range of application areas (e.g. agriculture, spatial and transport planning, geodesy, and climate research).

In addition, the participants also visited the Italian Space Agency in Rome, the rocket manufacturer AVIO in Colleferro, and the largest European spaceport Telespacio Space Center in Fucino.

Learn more about the master's programme


Sustainable Construction: Learn More and Apply Now!

At the upcoming info events about the "Sustainable Construction" programme, you can get all the information you need and freely ask questions.

The joint part-time university programme offered by TU Wien and TU Graz gives you the opportunity to become fully qualified in the field of sustainable construction. The programme starts on September 28, 2023. Apply now and take advantage of this opportunity to help make the construction sector more sustainable.

Info event dates:

  • 16.05.2023, 17:30, online and TU Graz (hybrid)
  • 14.06.2023, 16:30, TU Vienna
  • 03.07.2023, 17:30, online and TU Graz (hybrid)

Register for the info by sending an e-mail to office@nachhaltigesbauen.eu


OUR TIP: Register by May 28, 2023 to receive an EARLY BOOKING BONUS of 10% off the participation fees.


Our Tip: How to Finance Your Continuing Education

Below, we present two selected funding opportunities that can help to finance your continuing education.

FFG "Skills Checks" support the development of sustainability and digitisation skills in companies (including micro and individual enterprises), covering up to 80% of the continuing education costs or up to a maximum of € 5,000.

The SFG "Weiter!Bilden" programme promotes further training measures in SMEs that contribute significantly to sustainable business development, e.g. related to the environment and climate. This funding programme covers 30% of the costs for qualifications. Funding of up to € 2,500 can be granted twice a year. 

Attention: Please always check directly with the funding body before beginning your planned course/training to ensure that your specific continuing education project can actually be funded! LLL cannot guarantee that funding will be granted!

More financing tips