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What’s going on in the world of continuing education? Glance over the current issues appearing on the TU Graz Life Long Learning website and take a peek at our courses and university programmes! Make sure not to miss any important events and deadlines!

Read the news review to find out about developments in TU Graz Life Long Learning over the last few years: News Review



  • Greenovet

    Centre of Excellence for Green Innovations to be Established at TU Graz

    As part of the EU project GREENOVET, a concept for the first Austria-wide vocational training centre of excellence for green innovations is being developed. More...

  • Screenshot of Participants of the network meeting Inno-EBS

    Electronic Based Systems: Creating Networks Between Research and Industry

    At the end of June, representatives from research and industry and participants in the "Inno-EBS" course discussed hurdles and potentials for collaboration. More...

  • Face of a woman next to computer animations

    Leadership in Digital Transformation – Online Application Now Possible!

    The online application form is now accessible, and another online info event will take place on 23 June.. More ...


Screenshot of Participants of the network meeting Inno-EBS

Electronic Based Systems: Creating Networks Between Research and Industry

At the end of June, representatives from research and industry and participants in the "Inno-EBS" course discussed hurdles and potentials for collaboration.

While gaining insights into the services offered, more than 80 participants in this virtual event discussed how hurdles between business and research could be overcome and what tasks could be carried out together more effectively than alone.

The conclusion reached: Representatives and participants were not always pursuing the same goals. But in this respect as well, the motto two heads are better than one especially applied when supporting advances in innovative topics and identifying future technologies. After all, by working together, we not only have complementary competencies, but also complementary infrastructure and funding opportunities.

And what first step would the participants of the Inno-EBS-course like to take?

To ensure that the "EBS Day" becomes a recurring event for joint exchange and networking.


Centre of Excellence for Green Innovations to be Established at TU Graz

As part of the EU project GREENOVET, a concept for the first Austria-wide vocational training centre of excellence for green innovations is being developed. 

Since November 2020, TU Graz has taken part in the international project GREENOVET - Green Innovation for a Sustainable Future, which is being carried out together with 18 partners from four different EU countries.

The primary goal is to promote the development of excellence in vocational education and support an innovative, inclusive and sustainable economy. The first centre of its kind in Austria will be established at TU Graz in 2022.

Currently, a customized concept for Styria is being developed: Based on the identified needs and a survey of the available offers (e.g. trainings) in relevant application fields (e.g. mobility), the strategic orientation will be finalized by the end of September.

Read more: Project GREENOVET


Face of a woman next to computer animations

University Programme Leadership in Digital Transformation – Online Application Now Possible!

Whether your plans are clear or you’re still undecided, this notice is for you! The online application form is now accessible, and another online info event will take place on 23 June.

Take advantage of the 4 education paths and 3 certification options: From now on, all those who are interested can apply online for the part-time Leadership in Digital Transformation programme. All participants who complete the application by 30 June 30 2021, will receive an early bird bonus of 10% off the participation fees.

Are you still unsure whether the content and focus are right for you or whether time and finances make participation is at all possible for you?

Simply take part in our information event on 23 June 23 at 5 p.m. or contact Helmut Aschbacher (Programme Management) to schedule a personal consultation.

LEAD transformation!

Astronaut in space

All Hell is Breaking Loose in Space!

In the master's degree programme in Space Systems and Business Engineering (SpaceTech), the increasing amount of space traffic as well as space pollution are burning topics.

One look at images of our Earth's orbit leaves no doubt that a lot is going on up there. More than a thousand active and inactive satellites, as well as millions of pieces of wreckage and asteroid fragments, share the orbit. Dicey situations inevitably arise, including collisions. The international participants in the SpaceTech master's degree programme are tackling this problem in their central case study project. Technically feasible and economically attractive solutions will be developed on the topics of space situational awareness, space domain awareness and space traffic management, and these solutions will ultimately be presented to potential investors.

You might also be interested in: SpaceTech Alumni Symposium on 23 July 2021


A house from building blocks. Source: Andrew Horwitz – iStockphoto.com

Get More Info and Register Now: University Programme on Sustainable Construction 2021

The part-time certificate and master's programme from TU Graz and TU Vienna allows you to learn about the latest developments in sustainable construction.

Sustainable construction means optimising the present and future use of a building while minimising the environmental impacts and costs over its life cycle. This means considering how materials and energy are consumed but also how waste is recycled. Additional topics addressed are: Design aspects (architecture), social aspects (e.g. neighbourhood) and the regional sourcing of building materials and craftmanship.

This university programme has been developed especially for managers, planners and project developers in the building sector and public administration.

  • Info event: 22 June 2021, 5:30 p.m.; ONLINE
  • Early bird special offer until 30 May 2021
  • Programme start date: 21 October 2021

More information: Sustainable Construction

People in a video call

Tunnel Construction Worldwide

International students can present “their” construction sites in the university programme NATM Engineering.

How is work carried out on tunnel construction sites in Colombia and what specific challenges arise when constructing tunnels in Singapore?

The university programme in NATM Engineering, which started back up on April 6, involves international participants who share their diverse professional experiences. In addition, students who have already worked or are currently working on tunnelling projects worldwide provide insights into the projects by means of online presentations and field reports. In the subsequent discussion rounds with teachers and other participants, both the most diverse and shared approaches will be discussed.

We wish all participants an exciting first module and look forward to welcoming them back to Styria in person!


Face of a woman next to computer animations

LEAD Transformation! Online Information Event for the New University Programme

Pick up first-hand information about the Leadership in Digital Transformation programme at a Webex event on 21 April 2021.

At this event, you will receive information about the programme content and focus, learn how you can individually design and complete the programme, and find out how the organisational procedures work.

At this information event, you will also have the chance to meet Prof. Stefan Vorbach (Programme Director) and Helmut Aschbacher (Programme Management). They will be happy to answer your questions!

Click here to register for the information event on 21 April 2021.

Two more online information events will take place on 19 May 2021 and 23 June 2021.

Please note that you can take advantage of an early bird bonus if you send in your completed application by no later than 30 June 2021. Spaces are limited (first come, first served)!

Leute stehen in einem Raum und blicken auf eine Wand mit aufgehängten Ausdrucken.

Save the Date: Webinar - The Revenge of Small and Medium-sized Cities

Those interested are invited on 6 May 2021 to discuss the urgent need for urban development and to share lessons learned from the current pandemic.

Migration flows, climate change and the pandemic are challenges that are also currently affecting the development of cities and towns.
In this online pre-event for the university course Smart District Development in Small and Medium-Sized Cities, we want to talk to interested individuals and jointly map out a path to support climate neutrality, digitalisation, and sustainable settlement and urban development. At the same time, we want to listen to the experiences and specific expectations shared by the potential course participants. These aspects will be considered during the programme development and built into the thematic course framework (public space, mobility, inner development, governance, energy, technology).

When: Thursday, 6 May 2021, 1 – 3 p.m.
Registration: until 3 May 2021 by sending an e-mail to urbanoSpam@tugraz.at


Blue sphere with icons and texts: website, mobile, SEO, social network

New Course Offers: Digital Business Innovation Basics

For everyone who has an idea for an innovative product or is planning to digitally set up or alter their company or business model.

Flexible, proactive, anticipatory and proactive: Agility is one of the decisive characteristics of successful companies. Knowing how to carry out a digital transformation can help ensure the future viability of a company and its staff. In the new University course Digital Business Innovation Basics, you will acquire comprehensive knowledge about technologies, business models and business processes in the digital age. In a final project, you will have the opportunity to develop a concept specifically for your business field.

Deadline: 28 April 2021 (starts with an online pre-module)

Apply: by no later than 15 April 2021


eine Hand liegt auf einer Computertastatur, die andere hält ein Smartphone

R&D Competences for Industry: TU Graz Trains Innovative Companies

Digitalisation, smart factory and cyber security are highlighted in the new CompElev qualification project that started at the beginning of March.

In order to develop and successfully apply their individual and cross-company digitisation strategies, 125 staff members from 22 companies will take part in the knowledge transfer of TU Graz (consortium leadership and scientific management: Institute of Production Engineering, project management: Life Long Learning), Joanneum Research and FH CAMPUS 02 from March and on.

The focus is placed not only on increasing technical expertise in the areas of smart technologies, robotics, the Internet of Things, digital communication, data management and safety and security, but also on social aspects of the transformation.

The training programme is supported by the Federal Ministry for Digitalisation and Economic Affairs as part of the FFG programme R&D Competencies for Industry.

February 2021

A man in front of a notebook.

New Thematic Cluster at LLL Continuing Education: Techno-Economics

In the Techno-Economics cluster, we offer both cross-sectoral training courses and place a focus on management, technology and economics.

What good is the best idea or invention if it can’t be turned into new products, services, or processes in an economically sustainable way?

The courses in the field of techno-economics combine technical knowledge with business know-how, strengthening the innovative power of employees and companies.

The core target group includes specialists and managers at all management levels who want to acquire cross-over competencies and leadership knowledge through specific continuing education. This is offered in our new university programme Leadership in Digital Transformation as well as in our new course Digital Business Innovation Basics.

People at a panel discussion

LLL Kicks Off the Online Expert Spotlights Series

Starting on March 4, 2021, we’ll be offering exciting discussions and talks with experts on the topics of digital transformation and research-based continuing education.

Stefan Vorbach (TU Graz) and Kurt Mayer (ICG) will kick off the event with a discussion on the human factor: What key competencies are needed for the digital transformation? They will look at the topic from several different angles.

Join the discussion! This event series is free of charge and will be held online.

The next Online Expert Spotlight event is coming up soon and will take place on April 8 on the topic of changes in mobility through digitalisation.

Details and registration: www.tugraz.at/go/lll-expert

January 2021

Laptop on a table

Pump up your BIM: Seminar series started!

This seminar series in the form of modules has been developed in cooperation with the Civil Engineers’ Form (Ziviltechniker-Forum) and covers practical Building Information Modeling (BIM) basic information as well as different application areas.

Digitalisation entered the construction industry many years ago. Now, it’s just a matter of remaining competitive and familiarising yourself with the new standards. Building Information Modeling can be used as a tool to digitise, network, model and visualise all relevant building or structure data as a 3D model. In this way, it’s possible to optimise and clearly illustrate all processes – from planning, design and construction and on to operation and management.

The modules will be held from January to June 2021.

Details: www.tugraz.at/go/lll-bimfit

Ligh bulb and notebook

Degree options for university programmes

Depending on the duration and intensity of the course, it possible for participants to apply for different degrees.

University programme with more than 30 ECTS
The shortest form of the university programme lasts 1 to 2 semesters (part-time). If they pass all courses (including any project work), the participants receive a certificate attesting to their newly acquired competencies.

University programme with more than 60 ECTS
All participants who have successfully completed the part-time 3- to 4-semester university programme receive the title of academic expert or engineer.

Master’s programme from 90 ECTS and on
Those who participate in the part-time 5- to 6-semester university programme receive a master's degree upon successful completion (incl. master’s thesis): Depending on the content, this can be a Master of Engineering (MEng) or Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Part-time master's programmes and university programmes

Face of a woman next to computer animations

2021: Continuing Education in the TU Graz Fields of Expertise

The annual programme for 2021 provides you with an overview of the continuing education offers at TU Graz Life Long Learning.

Scientists offer their expertise in the strongest research areas at TU Graz in specific ways through continuing education. The practical implementation of this expertise plays an essential role in this process. In the annual programme, therefore, we are focussing on the TU Graz Fields of Expertise (FoE), which are also reflected in our courses and master’s programmes. We want to address the needs of individuals as well as companies that want to improve their employees’ qualifications.

NEW: Leadership in Digital Transformation, which offers individual and flexible educational tracks for technicians and non-technicians serving in key functions as well as for junior managers in all industries.

You can order a free copy of the annual programme!