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What’s going on in the world of continuing education? Glance over the current issues appearing on the TU Graz Life Long Learning website and take a peek at our courses and university programmes! Make sure not to miss any important events and deadlines!

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  • September showers bring ...!

    Interested parties can order the annual programme 2020 fresh from the printing press and free of charge! More...

  • Working desk with a screen and construction plans.

    The Future of Building

    The construction industry is going through a period of increasing pressure on prices and increasing complexity of projects. In response to this situation, TU Graz is looking at fundamentally new approaches. More...

  • 3 people in a laboratory.

    There’s no accounting for taste?

    The sensory analysis lab at TU Graz is fully equipped to do state-of-the-art food sensory analysis. More...

October 2019

September showers bring ...!

Continuing Education 2020 with TU Graz Life Long Learning

Interested parties can order the annual programme 2020 fresh from the printing press and free of charge at lifelong.learningnoSpam@tugraz.at!

TU Graz Life Long Learning helps you improve your skills and enhance your professional career thanks to a range of around 40 courses and certificate programmes every month. 

See the preview of our extra-occupational master’s programmes, certificate programmes and courses in our freshly printed brochure. The latest additions to our 2020 programme include the master’s programme Lean Management in Civil Engineering and the AI Essentials course.

Please go to the relevant programme pages on our website for full details about our offers.

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Cheering SpaceTech graduates


Cheered on by family members, the beaming graduates of the SpaceTech master's programme received their graduation certificates in the TU Graz auditorium at the end of September.

The participants of the SpaceTech – Master of Engineering in Space Systems and Business Engineering have completed 18 months of intensive studying and hard work. The international specialists from renowned companies in the aerospace industry not only expanded the students’ technical knowledge, but also allowed them to gain insights into modern business practices and the management of international teams. But the heart of the master’s programme was a Central Case Project (CCP) in which students could find economic and technical solutions for the rapid detection of leaks in oil pipelines via satellites.

September 2019

3 people in a laboratory.

There’s no accounting for taste?

The sensory analysis lab at TU Graz is fully equipped to do state-of-the-art food sensory analysis.

There are 15 testing booths where the aroma and taste of foods can be investigated. If needed, the booths can be illuminated with coloured light in order to cancel out effects of the colour of food on the perceived taste. A sample preparation kitchen is available right next to the testing room.

The sensory characteristics (aroma) of food are a focus of study at the Institute of Analytical Chemistry and Food Chemistry and also in the course Sensory Evaluation of Food from TU Graz Life Long Learning. Both introductory and advanced courses are available. Come and take a deep dive into sensory science!

The next advanced course will begin on 13 November 2019.

Course details

Working desk with a screen and construction plans.

The Future of Building

The construction industry is going through a period of increasing pressure on prices and increasing complexity of projects. In response to this situation, TU Graz is looking at fundamentally new approaches. In the part-time certificate programme Lean Construction Management, managers in the construction industry of today and tomorrow will learn how building projects can be managed effectively and completed on time and within budget.

Besides new structures and technologies, the main focus of the course will be on organizational measures that can be applied on construction sites, in design teams and in administrative processes. This is the only course of its kind in the German-speaking countries. The first class will begin the course in September 2019. It was booked out shortly after registration was opened. The next class will start the course in 2020.

Course details

August 2019

Source: Boehringer Friedrich – Wikimedia Commons

About fish elevators and tilting weirs

Participants of the Hydropower university programme presented exciting master theses.

The content of the university programme is as diverse as the topics of the final theses submitted by participants of the master's programme. Here are just two of them:

One student submitted a concept-based study focusing on a space-saving hydro-fish elevator. A hydro-fish elevator is a patented mechanism that enables fish in the area of a hydroelectric power plant to travel comfortably up or down the river using an elevator car. 
The CFD study of an overflow tilting weir on the other hand has nothing to do with living fish in the conventional sense. Rather, it deals with problems of fluid dynamics. The tilting components of weirs, however, do have the shape of a fish belly.

The next university programme is due to start on 18 October 2019.

Details at: University Programme in Hydropower

A calculator and coins. Source: photocrew – Fotolia.com

Funding for your further education!

Continuing to educate yourself is a worthwhile investment in the future, but often requires financial resources. We have therefore done some research for you and updated the information on possibilities for financial support.

In order to ensure that financial difficulties do not deter people from enrolling to their desired course or programme, we have supplemented and updated our website with additional information on financial support options. You will now find other national and international databases on funding opportunities for further education and additional qualifications, including specific educational grants from various institutions such as the Chamber of Labour, job centre and Federal Economic Chamber, as well as from individual federal states at Finances and Grants.

In addition, there are discounts and rebates for individual Life Long Learning offers and an early bird bonus. Further information can be found directly in the individual web descriptions for courses and programmes.

July 2019

Blended Learning – getting the mix right

Many of the master’s programmes and courses of TU Graz Life Long Learning use the blended learning approach. What makes a perfect cocktail? The right mixture of many ingredients, each of high quality.

A good course equally depends on the right combination of subject matter with a suitable learning structure. Theoretical principles can usually be taught well in online learning formats. This is easier for people who are working and also for international students, who can save the trouble and expense of travelling to Graz. However, face-to-face teaching is unbeatable for personal discussions with experts and for networking with other students. Excursions to sites of interest also make theoretical understanding come to life.

Here you can find the master's programmes in SpaceTech, Traffic Accident Research and Hydropower, which use the blended learning approach.

June 2019

LLL summer party visitors with ice cream.

LLL Summer Party 2019

This year, we warmly welcomed the warm months of the year again at our summer party, which has already become legendary.

Our party is nearly considered a yearly tradition at which we take the opportunity to thank all our internal lecturers and co-workers.

Once a year, we gather together in the courtyard and enjoy delicious snacks, crêpes and lots of ice cream to celebrate a successful year of cooperation and the end of the academic year at the same time.

The party was opened by kind words of welcome from the Head of TU Graz Life Long Learning, Christine Stöckler-Penz, and the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Detlef Heck. The celebration continued into the evening, offering a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

In doing so, we would like to express our thanks again for all the good work!

Participants of the AUCEN meeting.

45th AUCEN Meeting

The network meeting for university continuing education and personnel development was held for the 45th time in Innsbruck. The participants met at the two-day AUCEN meeting to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the University of Innsbruck. The opening speech given in honour of the University of Innsbruck’s anniversary was held by Vice-Rector Bernhard Fügenschuh. The representatives of 20 member universities from all across Austria meet twice a year to discuss current issues in scientific continuing education. This time, participants discussed issues such as the status and development of scientific continuing education and personnel development in Austria and the recognition and accreditation of both informally and informally acquired competences.

You can find more information about the AUCEN Network at www.aucen.ac.at.

May 2019

Green data cloud on a black background.

Data Science: From Big Data to Smart Data

With so much information readily available, sound handling of data is becoming more and more important ‒ for example, exploration, statistical modelling and proper interpretation. The 4-day course on June 13/14 and 27/28 focuses on data analysis with the open source software package R. In this way, the course content aims to impart structured basic knowledge together with practical exercises on your own laptop. Participants learn methods of data mining, classification, regression, clustering, dimensionality reduction and machine learning. By analysing many case studies from various disciplines, you will enhance your competences as a data scientist, which is a potential competitive advantage for companies.

More information about the course

Server room.

Big Data: The Most Valuable Resource of the 21st Century

Data has become one of the most important resources of our time. The ability to skilfully analyse big data generates real additional entrepreneurial value. Participating in the Big Data Essentials course provides the ideal framework for structured engagement with big data, machine learning, advanced analytics and related tools and systems. The first module gives all candidates a comprehensive insight into big data, and in the two construction modules, we delve even deeper into the subject matter. The course addresses specialists such as IT staff, project and team leaders as well as project managers.

More information about the programme and registration