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Moisture and Waterproofing Monitoring

Failure to detect moisture damage to buildings in time leads to large burdens on the economy due to the costs of the resulting damage and its remediation. Moisture damage in buildings causes hygienic deficits, psychological stress and impaired quality of life. Environmental consequences are also important in terms of the resources of material, work and machinery needed to repair damaged buildings.

For these reasons, an important goal for the future is to be able to monitor the moisture status of buildings non-invasively, using ‘building assistant systems’. What this means is that designing and installing moisture and waterproofing monitoring systems need to become standard. To implement such systems, we need people with appropriate, documented qualifications.

In this practically-oriented university course you will learn, based on fundamental principles, how to identify problem presentations, how to use simulation tools to design adequate solutions for practical situations, and how to analyze monitoring data.


The university course consists of 5 modules. If applicants can show evidence of sufficient existing qualifications, they do not have to attend Module 0 ‘Basic Principles’.

Module 0: BASIC PRINCIPLES (optional)

  • Thermal principles of insulation (U-values of homogeneous and inhomogeneous building elements, U-values of windows)
  • Hygric principles of moisture protection (static case example with calculation by hand)

Module 1: DESIGN

  • System types
  • Position in the building
  • Data transfer
  • Laws, standards, guidelines


  • Transient hygrothermic simulations
  • Evaluation of monitoring data
  • Interpretations


  • Manufacturer-specific installation with an ASMME-certified system


  • Design, installation and data analysis of a specific project

Target Group

This course is designed for

  • Master builders
  • Specialists in the fields of architecture, civil and structural engineering
  • Persons with relevant qualifications from a ‘Fachhochschule’ (university of applied sciences) e.g. construction planning, construction business
  • Building envelope specialists
  • Persons with relevant training in the fields of roofing, cladding, building waterproofing technology or monitoring system manufacturers

Dates and Deadlines

Next course start: Autumn 2024



Quick Facts

  • Duration: 5 days
  • Certificate: TU Graz certificate
  • ECTS credit points: 5
  • Language of instruction: German
  • Participation fees: 1,650 Euro (VAT free)
    Course materials and drinks are included.
  • Number of participants: 25
  • Course location: TU Graz


Admission Requirements

Any one of the following qualifications is sufficient for admission to the course:

  • Completed training/education as a master builder or in the fields of architecture, civil or structural engineering
  • Relevant qualifications from a ‘Fachhochschule’ (university of applied sciences) e.g. construction planning, construction business
  • Qualified Building Envelope Specialist


Next course start: Autumn 2024


Required documents:

  • Completed and signed application form
  • Proof of relevant qualifications
  • For exemption from Module 0: proof of qualification of the subject matter of Module 0

Please send your application by e-mail to lifelong.learningnoSpam@tugraz.at.


Sarah Meinhardt

TU Graz Life Long Learning
Tel.: +43 316 873 4945

Programme Director

Ass.Prof. Baumeister Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
TU Graz, Institute for Building Physics, Services and Construction
Phone: +43 316 873 6246