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15 Years of TU Graz Life Long Learning

It’s been working and keeps on working like a charm… this is how we could sum up the first 15 years at the service organisation for Life Long Learning (LLL).

LLL was first launched in November 2005, built up and expanded over almost 15 years by Christine Stöckler-Penz and her team, made possible by the commitment of researchers, teachers and members of the institute, supported by many other TU Graz employees, and now – under the management of Ernst Kreuzer – is moving full steam ahead into the digital age: We care about continuing education!

Highlights from 2005 to 2020

What was especially love to hear...

Highlights from 2005 to 2020


  • Foundation of the Life Long Learning (LLL) service department in November under the direction of Christine Stöckler-Penz
  • Objective: to establish and offer postgraduate continuing education programmes


  • Creation of the prerequisites of in-house university courses (e.g. model curriculum)
  • The first programme to be launched in a new form is the master's degree programme in Traffic Accident Research
  • Development of a design for LLL, and especially for its external appearance


  • Steady increase in the work to collect information for institutes
  • Conversion of the Paper and Pulp Technology course into a university course; graduates receive the title of academically certified expert
  • Seminars, courses and workshops: Topics range from food sensor technology to electron microscopy, MatCalc and Pro Engineer to the GRASS information system
  • About 200 certificates of participation issued to course participants within the framework of TU Graz LLL


  • Information evenings for university courses offered to interested external parties for the first time
  • Course offerings expand to include: Applied Statistics as a Problem Solving Tool in Industry and Business, CISCO Networking Academy and Product Data Management (PDM) in the Development Process


  • In-house event held E-Learning and Life Long Learning: Trends in Teaching - Chances and Benefits for TU Graz, together with the Department of Networked Learning (Vernetztes Lernen)
  • First joint international university course offered between TU Graz and Montanuniversität Leoben: NATM Engineer (New Austrian Tunnelling Method)
  • The entire continuing education program is published in the form of a brochure (annual programme)
  • LLL participates in the first supra-regional educational network meeting between Austria and Hungary on the topic of energy-optimised construction
  • Exclusive training courses for industrial partners successfully carried out
  • Graduation ceremony in the auditorium for the first new experts in the field of accident research (master's degree programme in Traffic Accident Research)


  • Initiation of the university course Sustainable Building in cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology
  • Huge demand for the new course on Passive House Planning and Consulting (certificate)


  • Unis keep on educating: For the first time, joint information event of the Styrian universities is held on the university continuing education programme (hosted by TU Graz)
  • The Passive House Planning and Consulting course is offered again, this time with focus placed on timber construction
  • Market leadership of the course Passive House Planning and Consulting among numerous providers in Austria
  • First graduation ceremony: Graduates of the university course Sustainable Construction receive their graduation certificates
  • Something new added to the programme: Programming in MATLAB and Housing and Psychology – The basis for the planning and analysis of human living spaces
  • Prize for Excellence in Teaching at TU Graz goes to Winfried Kernbichler, head of the MATLAB courses at LLL


  • TU Graz LLL receives an award for the funding programme R&D Competences for Industry with the project RFID Qualification Network
  • Initiation of the university course Cleanroom Technology in which e-learning is used more frequently
  • TU Graz serves as the main training partner in the Human Technology Qualifications Network project from the Human.technology Styria cluster
  • University course Sustainable Construction receives the Sustainability Award from the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research and the Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism in the category Teaching & Curricula
  • Initiation of the new university course Food Chemistry and Technology
  • International Master’s Programme in Traffic Accident Research is offered in English for the first time
  • First graduates of the university course NATM Engineer; it becomes possible to continue on to the master’s level


  • 116 participants in university courses from 15 countries
  • Teaching - Quo vadis: In-house event held by LLL and the Department of Networked Learning (Vernetztes Lernen)
  • First LLL summer party held
  • Event RFIDeas 2013: R&D and Industry in Cooperation (as part of the RFID Qualification Network)
  • First certificate award ceremony is held for graduates of the university course Food Chemistry and Technology


  • Initiation of the new university programme Hydropower
  • Initiation of the new university programme Aviation Safety
  • Renewed funding award for the RFID Qualification Network (RFID 2)
  • Even more graduates of the university course Food Chemistry and Technology receive their graduation certificates
  • LLL records a total of around 400 participants in continuing education  


  • Anniversary celebration held at the Alte Technik: 10 years of LLL
  • Summary: 47 TU Graz institutes and 52 external partners from science, business and industry participate in continuing education programmes
  • For the first time, there are more than 500 participants in LLL programmes
  • First international graduation ceremony held for the master’s degree programme in Traffic Accident Research
  • New addition to the programme (among others): Fundamentals of Electric Drives


  • Initiation of the international master’s programme SpaceTech - Space Systems and Business Engineering
  • New addition to the programme: Automotive Quality Manager (AQUA)
  • Presentation of the master’s degree program Cleanroom Technology at a conference in Barcelona (CPhI)


  • Management of the qualification network V-Net - Value Network South – IT-enabled Eco Systems
  • The LLL continuing education portfolio of TU Graz comprises a total of 35 programmes
  • New additions to the programme: High Voltage Engineering, Restraint Stresses and Crack Width Control in Structural Concrete Members, Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Certificate awarding ceremony: university course in Food Chemistry and Technology
  • Graduation ceremony: first graduates of the SpaceTech master's degree programme


  • TU Graz graduates first surveyed on the LLL continuing education programme offers
  • New additions to the programme: Automotive Mechatronics, Big Data Essentials, Spatial Lighting Design, Smart District Development
  • Graduation certificates awarded: Aviation Safety, Sustainable Construction, NATM, Paper and Pulp Technology.
  • Around 600 participants in TU Graz Life Long Learning continuing education programmes


  • Most successful year to date with a total of 769 participants
  • First-time launch of the master's degree programme in Lean Management in Civil Engineering and the university course Smart District Development in Small and Medium-Sized Cities
  • New course offered: AI Essentials
  • Initiation of the FFG-funded qualification seminar Advanced Software Quality Assurance for Technical Management
  • Graduation ceremony held in the Aula der Alten Technik for graduates of the master’s degree programmes in Aviation Safety, SpaceTech and Hydropower


  • Ernst Kreuzer takes over the management of LLL
  • TU Graz receives a funding award for their new innovation course Inno-EBS
  • New additions to the programme: AI Deep Dive, BIM, Moisture and Waterproofing Monitoring
  • Successful conversion from classroom to online teaching: Sustainable Construction, SpaceTech, Hydropower, Automotive Mechatronics, Moisture and Waterproofing Monitoring, Food Chemistry and Technology, MATLAB, PYTHON
  • The continuing education programme at TU Graz Life Long Learning includes about 40 offers

What was especially love to hear...

The SpaceTech Master‘s Programme has given me the option to start a master‘s study, while still working. There is a good mix between classical lessons and individual studying. What I especially like, is the way the programme not only gives you theoretical lessons, but also guides you in the practical execution of a space sytem engineering project, which you have to conduct with your fellow students. The coaches are helpful and flexible, aiding the process of combining family, work and study.

Petra Wijnja, participant in the master's programme SpaceTech, 2020

What makes the Life Long Learning Department of TU Graz exceptionally unique is the highly specialized catalogue of courses that are offered in part-time capacity. There is no other university that is offering a fully accredited Master‘s Programme in Space Systems Engineering for working professionals. I have found the SpaceTech Programme management to be extremely dedicated in making it a highly focussed and unique experience that shapes space professionals to enter the space industry with full necessary exposure in almost all domains. For me personally, due to my mandatory presence at work, I was able to fulfil my dream of attending a Master‘s Programme in the Space domain just because of SpaceTech. Thank you!

Mahhad Nayyer, participant in the master's programme SpaceTech, 2020

The SpaceTech Master‘s covers thoroughly technical, business, financial, legal, and managerial aspects of space-related programmes. SpaceTech provides you with the necessary background to pursue a career in the space industry and allows you to build a professional social network for life.

Milen Tahtadjiev, graduate of the master's programme SpaceTech, 2016