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Winning Pictures 2022

Rainbow Column: Continuous CO2 purification

Rafaela Greil and Susanne Lux, Institute of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology

This is the Taylor Couette Disc Contactor, which was used for CO2 purification of a gas stream with sodium hydroxide. The pH curve was made visible in the course of the chemical reaction with a universal indicator.

The beauty of the imperfect

Michaela Roschger, Mario Kircher and Michael Lammer, Institute of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology

In the production of a fuel cell, catalyst ink is sprayed onto the membrane by ultrasound. Perfect homogeneity is essential. Here, the aesthetic pattern was created by too much ink. The swollen membrane is unusable.

Deep Learning Brain Collage TU Graz

Jan Egger, Institute of Computer Graphics and Vision

The image shows the left hemisphere brain surface of a TU Graz employee (extracted from a MRI scan). The surface texture includes all figures from scientific review articles that can be found in medical Deep Learning for the years 2017 to 2018 in PubMed. The figure shows the broad variety of medical applications in Deep Learning, which tries itself to mimic the human brain.

Aragonite and calcite crystals

Stefanie Eichinger, Institute of Applied Geosciences

The SEM image shows a solid sample from an old adit in the Erzberg and consists of aragonite and calcite crystals (calcium carbonate (CaCO3) polymorphs).

Concrete Lines

Barbara Truger and Robert Schmid, Institute of Structural Design

Concrete rethought. The technology for 3D printing with concrete was developed at the Institute of Structural Design and has already been used in construction practice. With 3D printing, a wide variety of shapes can be implemented that enable material savings.

Wine diamonds in red wine

Karin Wewerka, Institute of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology

The pictured tartar ("wine diamonds") is the natural product of minerals and fruit acids and a quality characteristic of wine. The picture was taken with a polarised light microscope.