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TU Graz Internal Funding Programmes and Prizes

Initial Funding Programme

Competitive Initial Funding Programme

TU Graz provides funds to support the preparation and development of promising applications for competitive funding programmes. The Vice Rector for Research will review the applications together with the Heads of the relevant Field of Expertise.

The 14th call especially addresses researchers of TU Graz who have little experience in applying for third-party funding. Applications on any topic are eligible.

Requests for the drafting of applications for Horizon 2020 are particularly welcome. 

Documents for Submission

Submission Deadline: November 16, 2020

Send the completed application form to foenoSpam@tugraz.at.


Please note: For cooperation activities with the TU Darmstadt which do not focus on the preparation of a specific project proposal, the Graz University of Technology offers the call "Fördermittel Stragtegische Partnerschaften" from the International Office - Welcome Center.

Initial Funding for Coordinators of 2-stage H2020 Calls

Coordinators of H2020 applications for 2-stage proposals that have reached the 2nd stage, receive an initial funding of € 10,000 for the preparation of the full proposal (simplified procedure).

Please submit the application form, confirmation of reaching the 2nd stage and the pre-proposal to foenoSpam@tugraz.at.

For information: Applications for single-stage H2020-calls and applications for 2-stage H2020-calls in which Graz University of Technology participates as a consortium partner (not as a coordinator), will continue to be supported through the competitive initial funding program.


Thomas TRINK
Mag., MSc.
Phone: +43 316 873 6927

Projects with Tongji University

Additional funds are available for third party funded cooperative research projects of Graz University of Technology with Tongji University:

If you are planning an application for a joint third-party funded project, you may apply for initial funding. Up to two additional grants will be awarded. For further information compare the "Beiblatt Projekte Tongji".

Source: Lunghammer – TU Graz

Lead Projects of TU Graz

Call for Proposals

In the context of establishing a scientific profile for TU Graz apart from the well-established five Fields of Expertise other well focused excellent fields of research should be identified and developed. Therefore special funding for the so called lead projects were provided.

This special funding will be available for a period of max. three years. Extension of funding for a lead project is possible only once for another three years if the project is positively evaluated.



The selection of lead projects will be a two-stage process. In stage one (pre-application) the Rectorate will choose the most promising projects. The consortia on this shortlist will be invited to submit a full application and present their project to an external jury (hearing).



Priv.-Doz.in Dr.in
Tel.: +43 316 873 6025

Documents for Submission of pre-applications

There is currently no call for proposals.

Research Fellowships

Call for Proposals

Every 2 years, the Federal Ministry for Science, Research and Economy provides TU Graz with research fellowships. The Vice Rector for Research awards the funding. A research fellowship is subject to income tax. It can be applied for a maximum period of 12 months.

You can find the conditions of application in the Information and Details on Submission.



DIin (FH)
Tel.: +43 316 873 6024


Submission deadline: There is currently no call for proposals.

Send the completed application to the Vice Rector for Research at the Research & Technology House by internal post or post.

Award of Excellence

Call for Proposals

Every year, the Federal Ministry for Science, Research and Economy awards prizes for outstanding doctoral theses at Austrian universities. Every academic year, the 40 best graduates of doctoral programmes in Austria are awarded the “Award of Excellence” worth € 3,000.--. This prize aims to recognise the achievements of young scientists and draws the public’s attention to their work.

Three prizes are to be awarded at TU Graz.



Phone: +43 316 873 6923


There is currently no call for proposals.

Send the completed application form to the Vice Rector for Research at the Research & Technology House by internal post or post.


  • Austrian citizenship or citizenship of a country in the European Economic Area as well as third country nationals with an equal status and stateless persons in accordance with § 4 StudFG (Studienförderungsgesetz).
  • Doctoral degree completed in the academic year 2019/2020
  • Adherence to the average duration of study for a doctoral programme
  • Outstanding and highest scoring doctoral thesis 



WKO Research Grants


WKO-Research Grants 2020/2021

The Styrian Economic Chamber (die Wirtschaftskammer Steiermark) is funding a total of 20 ongoing Master theses with strong business references (begin after 1 January 2020) with € 2,100: 7 times € 300 for each student plus € 500 for each supervising Institute. The submission is effected in the way of the supervising tutor. The applications will be collected by the Research & Technology House and forwarded to the Styrian Economic Chamber by the Vice Rector for Research.


Phone: +43 316 873 6032


There is currently no call for proposals.

Please submit per internal mail, mail or email (colour scan of the documents) to the Research & Technology House:

  • completed application form (incl. the applicant's declaration of consent, the supervisor's declaration of support and, if applicable, the cooperation partner's declaration of support)
  • description of the project (max. 1 page)
  • CV
  • photo (jpg/png)

Application form WKO Research Grant 2020/2021


  • ongoing Master thesis with a strong business reference
  • begin after 1st January 2020

Competitive Call for Research and Teaching Infrastructure of the TU Graz

1. Call

The aim of this call is to strengthen both research and teaching. Preference is given to infrastructure used by several institutes whith a coherent useage in research and teaching.

Up to 50 % of the costs of newly acquired infrastructure can be funded, with a maximum cap of 150,000 €. Applications for infrastructure with less than 50,000 € total cost are not eligible.


Thomas TRINK
Mag., MSc.
Tel.: +43 316 873 6927



Submission deadline: There is currently no call for proposals.

Send the completed application form to ft-hausnoSpam@tugraz.at.