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Services of the Research & Technology House


Research & Technology House
Mandellstraße 9/II
8010 Graz
Phone: +43 316 873 6031 
or +43 316 873 6032
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Contact person and Tasks

For years, we have received competent support at the Research & Technology House while writing applications and when organising internal and external projects. The Research & Technology House brings together expertise in these different topics and their services take a great deal of work off our shoulders. They enable us to concentrate on the scientific aspects of the project work at our institute.

Research Newsletter “F&T News”

As an internal service, the Research & Technology House sends F&T News to researchers at TU Graz roughly every 2 weeks, providing them with information on the following topics:
  • Funding programmes – calls for proposals
  • Prizes – calls for applications
  • Scholarships – calls applications
  • External events and continuing education
  • TU Graz internal postings

Researchers at TU Graz receive the newsletter F&T News roughly every 2 weeks by e-mail and can directly access the newsletter via the TU4U intranet, see Newsletter.


Jutta Sallmutter
Phone: +43 316 873 6031

Support of Third-party Funded Projects

The Research & Technology House is your first point of call if you need comprehensive support for third-party funded projects throughout the entire project life cycle:
  • Funding advice and help in writing applications
  • Structural and administrative project management support according to IPMA standards
  • Project registration
  • Support in preparing contracts
  • Individual advice on current agendas all the way to completion

Project Planning, Application and Offer Stage (Pre-Award)

The Research & Technology House provides support in choosing a suitable funding programme, submitting applications while taking administrative requirements of the funding body into account, project calculation and making offers.
  • Funding advice  
  • Competitive initial funding programme, see TU Graz internal funding programmes and prizes
  • Support in submitting applications
  • Project calculation
  • Gender aspects, see Intranet TU4U
  • Support in compiling offers when undertaking contract research
  • Project management support according to IPMA standards
  • IRP advice: dissemination, concept, technology exploitation
  • Project registration – adding project electronically
  • Information events on current calls for proposals
  • Courses in doctoral programmes and workshops as part of internal continuing education on applying for funding projects

Project Advice and Calculation – Contact

Phone: +43 316 873 6027

Thomas TRINK
Mag. MSc
Phone: +43 316 873 6927

Christoph ADAMETZ
Phone: +43 316 873 6033

Phone: +43 316 873 6023

Priv.-Doz. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
Tel.: +43 316 873 6034

Priv.-Doz.in Dr.in
Phone: +43 316 873 6025

During or After Start of Project and During Project Run Time (Post Award)

  • Specific to Horizon Europe projects: administration in Funding & Tender Portal
  • IRP advice for the Consortium Agreement
  • Project management support in the project start-up phase
  • Project registration – adding internal application
  • Project controlling and administration
  • IPR advice technology explitation
  • Research documentation
I have had the pleasure of working together with the Research & Technology House for several years. I don’t have to worry about the many EU regulations, they undertake the complex accounting perfectly and you can benefit from their experience with many different projects. The employees there are also very friendly, which makes the work even easier. In the meanwhile, I now have direct contact to the National Contact Point - an office with information from Brussels/Luxemburg - where you can also do a bit of lobbying.

Project Management and Administration

The Research & Technology House offers individual service packages, which might include:
  • Developing project plans (in accordance with IPMA guidelines)
  • Conception and moderation of project start workshops
  • Communicating with funding body and project partners
  • Reporting: creating and sending financial reports and management reports
  • Taking over consortium leadership tasks
  • Support for project audits
  • Overview of all project resources, e.g. personnel, appliances, finances
  • Finance controlling throughout entire project run time
  • Applying for and undertaking changes to contracts 
  • End of project: communication with funding body and with internal and external project sponsors and managers.
Additional services: Continuing education on project management using IPMA methods, as used at TU Graz

Project Management and Administration – Contact

Phone: +43 316 873 6029
auer-naholdnoSpam@tugraz.at Elke PERL-VORBACH
MMag.a Dr.in
Phone: +43 316 873 6026
perl-vorbachnoSpam@tugraz.at Michaela REININGHAUS
Phone: +43 316 873 6028

Information for Employees

Employees can also find some information on support of third-party funded projects on the TU4U intranet:

National Research Funding and the EU Programme Horizon Europe

The most relevant national funding organisations:  

Land Steiermark: Wissenschaft und Forschung (Province of Styria: Science and Research)  

FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency):
offers a broad spectrum of funding options with a focus on business cooperation as well as on cooperating with interest groups or other stakeholders  

FWF (Austrian Science Fund):
Funding focus is on fundamental research including all topics; mobility programmes; publications  

CDG (Christian Doppler Research Association):
Funding of application-oriented fundamental research connecting science and business, particularly through establishing and financing CD laboratories

Horizon Europe

The Horizon Europe (HEU) programme follows on from the Horizon 2020 programme and is designed to promote research on important social issues. Horizon Europe will support the entire research and innovation cycle. Citizens are to be more closely involved and the positive benefits of research and innovation - for example through progress in the health or environmental fields – are to be communicated more clearly. The Missions with clearly defined objectives also serve this purpose. Horizon Europe will run from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2027.

The Horizon Europe programme is based on three pillars:

  • Excellent Science
  • Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness
  • Innovative Europe

Central innovations are:

  • EIC: The European Innovation Council will be established to help the EU become a leader in groundbreaking market-creating innovations.
  • Six thematic clusters: Health; Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society; Civil Security for Society; Digital, Industry and Space; Climate, Energy and Mobility; Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment
  • Mission orientation: Based on 5 Mission Areas, visible R&I missions are defined together with citizens, stakeholders, the European Parliament and member states.
  • European partnerships: The concept of European Partnerships will be simplified and their number reduced.

For universities, up to 100% of actual costs will be reimbursed plus a 25% flat rate for indirect costs.


Phone: +43 316 873 6027

Further Information on Horizon Europe

Databases for Grants

Offers for Post-Docs

The Research & Technology House supports and advises post-docs at TU Graz in planning and acquiring research funding for stays abroad. You can also get an overview of grants and funding programmes for research stays abroad on the page


Priv.-Doz.in Dr.in
Phone: +43 316 873 6025

Information in the TU4U Intranet

For Employees of TU Graz on the Academic Personnel Model:

For Students of a Doctoral Degree Programme:

Research Documentation

TU Graz includes all information regarding research in a database. Entries are used for all types of internal and external inquiries and form the basis of statistical analyses, many of which are compulsory for all universities (Knowledge Survey, R&D survey, internal evaluations, e.g. research figures). TUGRAZonline provides researchers and units (faculties, institutes, fields of expertise...) with a decentral administrative system with the following database options:   
  • Electronic registration process for third-party funded projects
  • R&D areas and projects 
  • Theses
  • Publications

Electronic registration process for third-party funded projects

TUGRAZonline is used for the electronic registration of third-party funded projects, the entries of which follow a workflow through all responsible persons and at the service units or institutes. This information can only be accessed by people and service departments with regarding access rights. Employees can find further information on TU4U, for example, when a project needs to be registered and how it needs to be recorded: Third-party funded projects:

R&D Areas and Projects

This is where the area of work and research projects are recorded. The electronic registration process for third-party funded projects can be used to create automatic entries in “R&D areas and projects”. In addition, projects that do not have to be registered, can still be entered here. The entries are also used for external representation and appear on various websites.


Theses are also listed in TUGRAZonline on all levels of the organisation. Authors register through their TUGRAZonline business cards.


TU Graz uses the system PURE (Publications + Research) to document scientific publications.

R&D Areas and Projects – Contact

Phone: +43 316 873 6923

Theses and Publications – Contact

Library and Archives
Technikerstraße 4/III
8010 Graz
Phone: +43 316 873 6178

Commercialisation of Research Results: Patents, Inventions and Technology Exploitation

The Research & Technology House advises and supports researchers at TU Graz by helping from contract design before project start, along generation of an invention as well as with patenting and licensing or selling an invention.   Technology offers:
Interested external parties can find out about technology offers on new developments, inventions and technologies at the Research & Technology House. You can find a list of available technologies on the Wissenstransferzentrum (WTZ) Süd. To the Wissenstransferzentrum (WTZ) Süd These services support commercialisation of research results. The Research & Technology House acts as a one-stop-shop with its close link to the Rectorate, legal department and external persons such as patent offices and patent attorneys.

This diagram shows the whole process from the invention disclosure to the commercialisation.

Patents, Inventions and Technology Exploitation

Information Technology, Life Sciences, Medical Engineering
Alexander MUHR
Mag.rer.nat. Dr.rer.nat.
Phone: +43 316 873 6924

Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics
Dipl.-Ing.in Dr.in
Phone: +43 316 873 6926

Chemistry, Material Sciences, Process Engineering
Phone: +43 316 873 6928

Biotechnology, Chemistry, Electronics, Electrical Engineering
Grit Daniela STRAGANZ
Priv.-Doz.in Dipl.-Ing.in Dr.in
Phone: +43 316 873 6925

From the Invention Disclosure to the Commercialisation

Since the University Act was passed in 2002, employee inventions at universities must be reported to the Rectorate. At TU Graz, you need to fill out an invention disclosure form and submit it to the Research & Technology House.

After your invention disclosure has been received, it is evaluated regarding patentability, strategic interests and market potential, either internally or with the help of external partners.

If the university decides to claim the invention, it will be patented, with the university covering all costs incurred. If not, the university restores the invention to the inventors, which can exploit the technology themselves.

For Employees: Form Invention Disclosure

TU4U Intranet

Researchers at TU Graz can find further information on TU4U:

Services Related to Patents, Inventions and Technology Offers

  • Advice on contracts for intellectual property
  • Support with patent search
  • Information on the legal situation for inventions developed at universities
  • Advice on patents and inventions
  • Continuing education on patent law and intellectual property
  • Support with exploitation and contract design
  • Support and help for diploma and doctoral students wanting to make use of free patent literature search at the Austrian Patent Office (the best time for this is right after start of a thesis)

The team at the Research & Technology House does great work. They made it possible to patent an invention and licence it to an electrical engineering company. Applying for our 3 patents was a very positive experience and we are looking forward to the next invention disclosure!

Patent Portfolio

The Research & Technology House recordsand manages all invention disclosures, patents and commercialisation activities, making use of a database. This makes it possible to carry out statistical evaluations of relevant data and ensure efficient management of the patent portfolio at TU Graz.

The Research & Technology House excellently supports the research group “Applied Software Engineering” at the Institute of Software Technology in applying for and carrying out research projects, in finding answers to legal questions related to drafting cooperation agreements, transferral of IPR, etc. I want to say thank you for the friendly support that makes coping with difficult-seeming issues far more pleasant.

Wissenstransferzentrum (WTZ) Süd

At WTZ Süd, 6 universities and 3 universities of applied sciences from Styria and Carinthia combine their competences and their experience in the transfer of knowledge. The WTZ Süd is financed by aws Austria Wirtschaftsservice (investment agency), by means of the National Foundation of Research, Technology and Development (Austrian Funds). Working together creates synergies, increases visibility and access to university knowledge is facilitated. TU Graz coordinates the WTZ Süd project.

To the Website Wissenstransferzentrum (WTZ) Süd

Services at WTZ Süd

Cooperative business development:
WTZ Süd encourages cooperation and exchange between researchers and economy at events such as Science 2 Business Talks.

New options for commercialisation:
WTZ Süd evaluates and breaks new ground in the area of commercialisation of technologies and knowledge, e.g. concerning biological materials or funded projects.

Support of entrepreneurial activities:
University members are supported in the formation of a company and assisting the commercialisation of project content.

The image shows the 6 universities und 3 universities of applied of the Wissenstransferzentrums Süd in Styria and Carinthia (Graz/Leoben/Klagenfurt/Spittal).

Founding a Company


The Research & Technology House supports students and employees who wish to set up their own company as a start-up or spin-off (i.e.an IPR contract based start-up), supports proposals for FFG Spin-Off-Fellowships funding programme and provides helpful contacts, such as with Gründungsgarage or Science Park Graz.


Christoph ADAMETZ
Phone: +43 316 873 6033

Phone: +43 316 873 6038