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International Research

Information and Advice


Funding opportunities for research abroad:

International Office – Welcome Center
Mandellstraße 15/II
8010 Graz
Phone: +43 316 873 6418
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Questions on entry, accommodation, work, etc.:

Welcome Center
Phone: +43 316 873 6427
Welcome Center der TU Graz

Advancement of Women in Academia

TU Graz aims to create conditions where both men and women are able to develop their personal and professional skills - without being limited by gender stereotypes or any other discriminating role assignment.  

Both men and women contribute ideas of high scientific quality. When men and women work together, the potential for innovation increases.  

In order to work towards the aim of having an equal proportion of men and women on all career levels, TU Graz provides women scientists with numerous services:   

  • Leading Women
  • Tenure Tracks for Women
  • Strategic Career Planning for Women PhD Students
  • Potentials Programme
  • Women Tech Talk
  • Gender NOW!
  • WomenUniverse
Univ.-Prof. Annette Mütze (center), a female staff member and a visiting student from the US in the laboratory of the Electric Drives and Machines Institute, discussing a model of a slip-ring induction machine, a machine type typically used as generators for wind turbines.


Office for Gender Equality and Equal Opportunity
Mandellstraße 5/I
8010 Graz

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Lisa Mercedes MITTISCHEK
Mag.a M.A. PhD
Phone: +43 316 873 6091

Gudrun HAAGE
Phone: +43 316 873 6078

Leading Women

8 female professors and teachers at TU Graz prepare for future leadership positions as vice rectors, deans and academic deans, etc. The Rector nominates scientists for this 3-year programme.

Tenure Tracks for Women

In order to promote academic careers for women at TU Graz, the university advertises tenure tracks specifically for women. A tenure track is a “post-doc” position with the possibility of further academic progression. Information for employees of TU Graz can be found on the TU4U intranet

Strategic Career Planning for Women PhD Students

Women at TU Graz who are in the midst of doing their thesis, can attend a 2-day workshop focussing on time management, work-life balance, and reconciling the various task fields of thesis, teaching and administration.  Further topics address the issue of planning life after graduation: careers in the sciences or in the private sector. An individual advice session is also provided.

Career Programme for women scientists

The Potential Programme offers continuing education for female academics at all stages of their career as well as for students, managers, academic and non-academic staff (sometimes for men and women), and staff working in the promotion of equal rights. The programme is organised by the University of Graz and is co-funded by all Graz universities. Find details and registration information in the calendar of events at the Coordination Centre for Gender Studies and Equal Opportunities.

Women Tech Talk

Young female researchers and graduates of TU Graz talk to pupils about their background and their work. Professors from TU Graz also take part in the subsequent podium discussion.


Contact us:
Phone: +43 316 873 6096

Gender NOW!

A loose cooperation was established to enable an exchange of ideas between all institutions at Graz universities focussing on gender research. Events are arranged on current issues related to women and of relevance to the university.


The alumni women's network of TU Graz - WomenUniverse - is aimed at female graduates, female students and all women who are interested in the connection between science and business. For inspiration and interaction, for sharing experiences, for telling your own story, for support in shaping your individual future, and much more.

Details and registration for the network (in German): alumni.tugraz.at/womenuniverse

IT Services for Research

IT Services at TU Graz offer the following services for researchers:

  • Data analysis:
    Scientific data can be analysed by installing CyVerse in the virtual infrastructure.
  • High-performance computing: 
    Computational resources are provided on local IT systems (GPU, Ceph/Galera/ Linux cluster) and on the Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC) for computer-aided scientific work with high resource requirements.
  • Private cloud:
    Storage capacity is provided using a private cloud infrastructure, which enables the support of researcher collaborations with modern technical capabilities.
  • Project management tool: 
    Specific software for the execution of projects is provided using Agile and classic project management methods.
  • Software for research: 
    Technical-academic software is provided with a campus or site licence for academic research.

In addition, IT Services offer a comprehensive portfolio of other IT services such as network access to European research networks (ACOnet, GÉANT, PRACE), server hosting and housing, video conferencing and more.

Informationen for Employees

TU Graz employees can find all IT services on the TU4U intranet

Research Data Management (RDM)

RDM at TU Graz

Research Data Management pertains to all steps taken along the data lifecycle to ensure that research data can be found, are accessible to others, and are described in such a way that they can be reused by others. TU Graz offers researchers and interested parties information and assistance in implementing good RDM practice.

Information around research data management (RDM), such as data management plans, repositories, metadata, etc. is provided on the TU Graz RDM website. The adata stewards are available for enquiries in this area.


E-mail: rdmteamnoSpam@tugraz.at

Website: rdm.tugraz.at