Test bench for electrified drive

The EDrive laboratory is a complete electric powertrain in the segment up to high-performance passenger cars and medium-duty commercial vehicles. It consists of two high-speed PSM motors, gearboxes, power electronics, PDU (power distribution unit), cooling system, power supply and Li-Ion battery. Depending on the test task, any parts of the drive train can be exchanged for the components to be tested. The components are tested in a realistic system environment with individual control, power split, recuperation and thermal management. Almost any measured and monitored variables can be documented, controlled or used for control purposes.

The test bench can be used in many ways for the analysis of efficiency, energy flows, control behavior, stiffness, damping, play, thermal household or stress cycles.

 System performance expansion 2017

  • Battery gyro, 18 kWh, approx. 380 V, continuous power 80 kW, Rimac (Remy) Engines
  • Power supply from mains: 40 kW by AC / DC chargers
  • System performance with recuperation, in 2-motor or 3-motor configuration up to approx. 160 kW

 Brake motors (without gearbox)

  • Max. Speed 12,000 rpm; Max. Moment (peak): 280Nm @ 4200rpm; both directions of rotation

 Brake motors (with gearbox)

  • Transmission ratio 7: 1; Max. Moment (peak): 1960Nm @ 600rpm; both directions of rotation

Contact person

Peter Fischer
Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
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