10th Graz Commercial Vehicle Workshop

On 16th and 17th May 2024, we invited colleagues from research and industry to the 10th Graz Commercial Vehicle Workshop. During these two days, the following main topics were discussed at the Graz University of Technology old campus:

  • Brakes and Tire Emissions of Commercial Vehicles
  • Brake Emission Testing
  • CAE Methods
  • Energy and Infrastructure for Commercial Transportation Systems
  • CO2 Reduction Strategies
  • Vehicle Architecture and Structural Concepts



Results of the workshop can be found here:

  • NFZ Proceedings 2024
  • Open-Access Peer Review Papers:
    • Banagar, Isa, Tommi Huhtala, Juho Könnö, and Amin Mahmoudzadeh Andwari. „Configurable Design Approach for Heavy-duty Vehicle Powertrain Design“.
    • Huhtala, Tommi, Isa Banangar, Juho Könnö, and Amin Mahmoudzadeh Andwari. „A Comparative Study on Different Modelling Approaches in Li-ion Battery Cooling System“.
    • Hintereder, Jürgen. „Conditions for a Technology Change in Heavy Commercial Vehicles and Solutions for the Supporting Structure of Future Trucks“.
    • Stümke, Daniel, Simon Peter, Armin Verhagen, and Daniel Görges. „A Mechanical Admittance-based Parameter Estimation Method for Electromechanical Drum Brakes“.



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