VDT – Vehicle Dynamics and Tyres

Research interests:

  • Objective and subjective assessment of driving behavior and drivability 
  • Parameterisation of vehicle and tire models by means of vehicle measurements and identification methods
  • Online estimation of the tire-road friction
  • Real-time tire models with semi-physical approaches
  • Thermal and acoustic design of brake systems
  • Methods for kinematic development of suspension systems
  • Electro-mechanical controlled suspension modules (E-corner)


Modeling, simulation and experimental testing of vehicle dynamics-relevant systems and components of the entire vehicle using commercial and in-house software packages as well as extensive mobile and stationary measurement technology. One focus here is the determination of the current road condition with different approaches, as well as its influence on vehicle dynamics control and driver assistance systems. Another focus is the description and assessment of the tire force characteristics for vehicle dynamics assessment and vehicle dynamics simulation.

Contact person
Cornelia Lex
Assoc.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
+43 316 873 - 35260
+43 316 873 - 1035260