Wheel suspension and brake test bench

The combined suspension and brake tester differs significantly in structure from conventional axle and chassis test stands. On the wheel suspension test stand, the wheel on which the tire rides can realistically simulate the adhesion between the wheel and the road surface. This results in the following advantages:
  • Real introduction of forces and moments in the landing gear
  • Possibility of introducing damage-relevant brake heat into the test parts
  • NVH-investigations  under controlled conditions
On the brake test bench, both standardized tests and research tests, such as thermal investigations are carried out on friction brakes or friction coefficient.

Measurement tasks

  • Measuring brakes and brake pads
    • Braking power (stationary and transient)
    • Brake noise on components and system level (with chassis influence)
  • Validation of simulation models
  • NVH
  • Suspensions
    • Strength and durability tests