AMPD - Automotive Mechatronic Product Development

Research interests:

  • Strategies for method development in multi-CAD systems
  • CAD-based methods for a holistic and consistent product data and metadata management
  • Development of knowledge-based methods for the fields of design, simulation, production, virtual reality & augmented reality
  • Quality inspection and preparation of 3D-CAD product data for further processing in the data process chain
  • Consistent connection and interface development for CAD, CAE and CAM environments
  • Development of automation methods in CAx, Microsoft Office and VR environments


This research group has its core competencies in 3D-CAD component and surface design as well as product data management (PDM) using knowledge-based development methods. In addition to 3D-CAD design, systems from the fields of 3D flow simulation (CFD), computer-aided styling (CAS), photorealistic 3D visualisation and the finite element method (CAE) are used.
For the application of innovative, virtually supported development processes, problem-oriented software solutions in combination with CAx systems and databases are developed and implemented in a practice-oriented manner. Furthermore, tailor-made software automation packages in the field of CAx, VR and AR are offered.

Contact person
Alexander Kreis
Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. BSc