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The science day TU Graz - Science for Future offered top-class keynote speeches.

The keynote speeches were held in German. You can find further information on the German website.

Guest Keynote Speaker Lothar THIELE

Lothar Thiele has held academic positions at TU Munich, Stanford University, Saarland University and a full professorship at ETH Zurich. He has been "Associate Vice President" for Digital Transformation at ETH Zurich since 2017 and served as the President of the Foundation Board of Technopark Zurich since 2019. His research interests include models, methods and software tools that can be used to design embedded systems, the Internet of Things, cyberphysical systems, sensor networks, embedded software and bioinspired optimization techniques.

TU Graz Keynote Speaker Kay RÖMER

Kay Römer is Professor of Computer Engineering, the Head of the Institute of Computer Engineering at TU Graz and leads the Field of Expertise Information, Communication & Computing with over 100 researchers. The internationally recognized expert for networked, embedded systems currently coordinates the TU Graz lead project "Reliability in the Internet of Things" (in German: Verlässlichkeit im Internet der Dinge) and heads the research area "Cognitive Products" at the Pro2Future research centre.

TU Graz Keynote Speaker Theresa RIENMÜLLER

Theresa Rienmüller is an Assistant Professor and Deputy Head of the Institute of Health Care Engineering with a European Testing Centre for Medical Devices at TU Graz. She holds a doctorate in the technical sciences from the private university UMIT, located in Hall in Tyrol. Her research focuses on modelling and simulation in the field of biomedical applications and places an emphasis on electrophysiology.