Herbert Eichholzer Awards 2023

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These awards, named after the Graz architect Herbert Eichholzer (1903 – 1943), are awarded to talented architecture students every two years. The Faculty of Architecture announce the awards, and the Department of Cultural Affairs of the City of Graz subsequently proposes the prizes in recognition of the importance of Herbert Eicholzer, and the final awarding decision is made by the city senate.

The awards are intended to symbolize the connection between the city of Graz and Graz University of Technology with Herbert Eichholzer and to support the continuation of conscientious interaction with the trends of the time, as exemplified by the architect. The awards also stand as a permanent reminder of Eichholzer’s architectural work.

City, Meadow, River. Culture of Remembrance and the future at the Grünanger

The Grünanger was a labour camp built in the wake of the Second World War. Since the 1960s, the site has been transformed into a low-density residential area with 1-2 storey buildings. At present, the area is situated near the newly designed local recreational area along the Mur River, enclosed by densely developed residential and urban structures.
As a result, the municipal residential area, owned by the city of Graz, provides space for speculation. Considering the political field of tension surrounding the site, the complexity of the competition of ideas consists of developing a future-oriented concept that considers the different interests and requirements of the green area. In doing so, the focus lies on the area of tension regarding the social preservation of the existing meadow, the shortage of social housing in conjunction with the valuable resource being land, the ecological idea and the treatment of the historical monument.
Are existing buildings to be redensified or added to, and is the status quo to be conserved or improved? Alternatively, should new buildings be erected? How does one approach the historical traces and the monument? In what way can landmarked structures or parts of buildings be integrated into the new concept? And how can the Grünanger be preserved as a green oasis in the middle of the city?
The deliberately open-ended nature of the task encourages particularly creative and innovative approaches to solutions.


1st Prize
Klara Schmidt, Siri Daca

2nd Prize
Pia Pollak, Fabian Steinberger

Recognition Award
Ingo Candussi, Theresa Hammerl, Daniel Lučić


Prizewinners: Gregor Klepatsch on behalf of Pia Pollak & Fabian Steinberger, Siri Dacar, Theresa Hammerl and Daniel Lučić © Marija Lovrić/GAM.Lab, TU Graz
© Marija Lovrić/GAM.Lab, TU Graz
Graz mayor Elke Kahr © Marija Lovrić/GAM.Lab, TU Graz
© Marija Lovrić/GAM.Lab, TU Graz
1st prize: Klara Schmidt & Siri Dacar © Marija Lovrić/GAM.Lab, TU Graz
2nd prize: In Pia Pollak's & Fabian Steinberger's absence, Gregor Klepatsch stepped in to receive the award on their behalf © Marija Lovrić/GAM.Lab, TU Graz
Recognition Award: Ingo Candussi, Theresa Hammerl & Daniel Lučić © Marija Lovrić/GAM.Lab, TU Graz
Jury members Daniel Gethmann and Eva Hierzer with City of Graz representatives Elke Kahr and Günther Riegler © Marija Lovrić/GAM.Lab, TU Graz
© Marija Lovrić/GAM.Lab, TU Graz


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Kick-Off Event & on-site visit: Friday, July 7 2023, 11 am
Meeting Point: Stadtstrand | Bootsverleih, Andersengasse 59, 8041 Graz

Q&A: Monday, August 21 2023

Registration Deadline: Friday, September 22 2023, noon

Deadline: Friday, September 22 2023, noon, at Dean's Office, Rechbauerstraße 12/I.KG

Award Ceremony: Thursday, November 23 2023, 6pm
Aula, Rechbauerstraße 12/I, 8010 Graz

Funded by Stadt Graz, Prize Money: 7.500 €

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