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The bachelor's degree in architecture begins with a two-semester orientation phase followed by a four-semester phase focusing on basic principles. The teaching content consists of four thematic groups: (1) Architectural history, architectural theory, arts and cultural studies, (2) Core skills in architectural design, (3) Construction, technology and materials, (4) Architectural representation and artistic practices. The bachelor's degree concludes with the academic degree "Bachelor of Science" (B.Sc.). As the "B.Sc." is the first academic degree, with the "B.Sc." alone students do not yet have sufficient professional qualifications.

Course Registration for Civil Engineering Students

Students can register for lectures from the bachelor's and master's degree programmes themselves. To register for all other types of courses, such as UE, SE, PR, VU, etc., please contact the Dean's Office for Architecture directly and it will then be checked whether it is possible to register.