Herbert Eichholzer Awards 2021

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These awards, named after the Graz architect Herbert Eichholzer (1903 – 1943), are awarded to talented architecture students every two years. The awards are announced by the Faculty of Architecture. The Department of Cultural Affairs of the City of Graz then proposes the prizes in recognition of the importance of Herbert Eicholzer, and the final awarding decision is made by the city senate.

The awards is intended both to symbolize the connection between the city of Graz and Graz University of Technology with Herbert Eichholzer and to support the continuation of conscientious interaction with the trends of the time, as exemplified by the architect. The award also stands as a permanent reminder of Eichholzer’s architectural work.

Student life in St. Leonhard

In his architectural work, Herbert Eichholzer dealt with the aspect of living in different contexts. Due to newly emerging building projects in the 1920s, he dealt with different building typologies and developed new housing concepts, such as the housing complex "Obscheschitje Moskwa", an exciting "boarding house" with a focus on communal areas in Moscow (This was never built). In Graz, the "Breitenlohner" apartment building in Kirschengasse was built in 1937, which offered simple flats for singles - a rare housing format at that time.

The theme of this year's Herbert Eichholzer Förderungspreis is focused on the topic of student life and asks the competition participants the exciting question of how they imagine living spaces for students in the future. Due to its central location between the universities in Graz, the building site in St. Leonhard offers the ideal starting point for a student house for 30 people, which is additionally intended to provide a communal space for the residents of the district.


1st Prize
Sarah Höllisch and Magdalena Zoller

Recognition Award
Stefanie Obermayer and Sebastian Stubenrauch

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Digital Award Ceremony
Wednesday, November 24, 2021, 7:30pm, Link: https://tinyurl.com/eichholzer21
with City Council Günter Riegler (Kulturamt), Michael Rieper (Club Hybrid) and the participants of the competition
Jury: Vanessa Bauer, Alex Lehnerer, Petra Petersson, Antje Senarclens de Grancy, Florian Summa.

Exhibition of the Projects will be postponed.


Competition Announcement

Pre-registration and access to documents by emailing gam.labnoSpam@tugraz.at
Release of tender documents & video input: 01.07.2021
Registration deadline: 01.09.2021 by e-mailing gam.labnoSpam@tugraz.at
Deadline: 05.10.2021 at KOEN
Possibility to use the model building workshops at KOEN: week 38 & 39 (last two weeks of September)

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