Master Studios

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The studio spaces located on the top floor of the main university building (Alte Technik) cover a total area of 800 m² and are made available to master’s students as working spaces for one semester. Up to eight courses for a total of 160 students can be held in the studios at the same time.

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TU Graz Library

TU Graz, Bibliothek
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The main library at Graz University of Technology specialises in architecture, construction, and civil engineering. It is a place of learning and a modern service department, which is open to the public and supports students in their research activities. The library also keeps a large collection of architecture journals, daily newspapers, and magazines on architecture and engineering. Students can read these in the library or make copies or scans of individual pages. The library also provides quiet spaces for reading, studying, and working. Free WiFi is available for all students via Eduroam.

Model Making Workshops

© KOEN, TU Graz
The model making workshops, which are located in the basement and ground floor of Kronesgasse 5, are independent workshops which can be used at any time to work with glue, foamboard, styrofoam, etc. The use of the small machine workshop is only possible after completed machine evaluation (sawing, grinding, drilling, etc.). The CNC milling machines on site are only to be operated by our trained technical staff. Here, an appointment or agreement with the Institute of Construction and Design Principles (KOEN) is necessary.

Robotics Design Lab

© Robert Schmid/ITE, TU Graz

The lab is operated by the Institute of Structural Design and the Laboratory for Structural Engineering as a grinding, milling and printing robot system. The research and test facility – built by ABB AG Austria – is designed for wet and dry machining of large components. Furthermore, the installed Baumit printing head allows 3D printing with fine-grained concrete. Both hard and soft materials can be processed by grinding and milling. The processing laboratory is also available for external courses and can be used for various diploma and master theses. The lab can be found on the ground floor of Inffeldgasse 24.


Wood Workshop

© IRG, TU Graz

The Wood Workshop is operated by the Institute of Spatial Design. Here, we explore the eccentricity of architecture as craft — we search for structural expression, whether it is a model, a piece of furniture, or a building element. Thinking and doing becomes one with the help of all essential woodworking machines. A lab for the understanding how things are made and how architecture gains physical presence through the process of its making. The workshop is led by a master carpenter.

Laboratory for Visual and Sonic Practice

© IZK, TU Graz

The lab is a space providing both digital and analogue equipment to be used for the production of photographs, as well as for the recording of video and sound. The space also offers all equipment necessary for analogue postproduction as well as individual workspaces with desktop computers for fast and easy editing. The space is also equipped with a Canon plotter suitable for printing large format HQ photographs and posters.

Digital Workshop

© IAM, TU Graz

In the digital workshop, students have four laser cutters and several 3D printers at their disposal that can be used for making architecture models of all kinds. There is also a clay 3D printer and a six-axis industrial robot available for use in student projects. The workshop is managed by the Institute of Architecture and Media (IAM). While the laser cutters are available to anyone that has done the introduction course, the clay 3D printer and the industrial robot can only be used with help from institute members.

Architekturarchiv Steiermark (ASt)

© Katarina Lovrić/GAM.Lab, TU Graz

Academically supervised by the Institute of Architectural Theory, Art History and Cultural Studies, the ASt is intended to raise awareness of the special significance of Styria’s architectural heritage. It comprises 70,000 image documents, 55,000 plans and around 100 architectural models. The majority of documents originate from the holding of the TU Graz Archive, including the estates and bequests of architects such as Herbert Eichholzer, Anna Lülja Praun, Hubert Hoffmann, Ferdinand Schuster, Michael Szyszkowitz + Karla Kowalski, Konrad Frey, Team A, Ingrid Mayr and Hubert Riess.


© Marija Lovrić/GAM.Lab, TU Graz

The GAM Lab is responsible for public relations and academic communication of the Faculty of Architecture of Graz University of Technology. It creates, administers, and coordinates the content and editorial processes of GAM – GrazArchitecture Magazine, the faculty news, the faculty website and social media channels. Furthermore, it provides information on upcoming events, such as lecture series, exhibitions, and award-ceremonies held at the Faculty of Architecture. Thus, the GAM Lab forms the intersection of communication between faculty members and the public.

Architecture Drawing Studios (Zeichensäle)

© AZ3

The architecture drawing studios at TU Graz are spaces for creativity, learning and teaching where students organise themselves autonomously and where self-organized learning processes are welcomed. These spaces are located on the Alte Technik campus and in Münzgrabenstraße and are managed and maintained by their own collectives. Membership in one of the TU Graz drawing studios is at the discretion of the organisers of each individual studio. Refill events will be announced via the faculty homepage, newsletter and via posters displayed in the Alte Technik.

List of public drawing rooms:

Architekturzeichensaal 0 (AZ0)
Architekturzeichensaal 1 (AZ1)
Architekturzeichensaal 2 (AZ2)
Architekturzeichensaal 3 (AZ3)
Architekturzeichensaal 4 (AZ4)
Architekturzeichensaal 5 (AZ5)
Architekturzeichensaal Turm (AZTurm)
Architekturzeichensaal plus (AZ+)


Master Studios
Rechbauerstraße 12/DG
Contact: Dekanat Architektur

TU Graz Library
Technikerstraße 4/3

Model Making Workshops
Kronesgasse 5/KG
Contact: KOEN

Robotics Design Lab
Inffeldgasse 24/EG
Contact: Ass.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.nat.techn. Andreas Trummer

Wood Workshop
Lessingstraße 25/EG
Contact: Rainer Eberl

Digital Workshop
Kronesgasse 5/III
Contact: Institute of Architecture and Media

Laboratory for Visual and Sonic Practice
Kronesgasse 5/EG
Kontakt: Barbara Rauch

Architekturarchiv Steiermark (ASt)
Münzgrabenstraße 36/EG
Kontakt: Mag.phil. Dr.phil. Prof. Bernhard Reismann

Rechbauerstraße 12/KG

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