Andrea Schmallegger    
Tel. + 43 316 873 6100

Leiterin Dekanat,
Personal, Budget,
Lehre, Doctoral School



Mag. Gudrun Tockner 
Tel. + 43 316 873 6103

Stellv. Leiterin,
Studienpläne, Stundenpläne,
Raumverwaltung, Stipendien


     Michaela Prazsky-Eichinger
Tel. + 43 316 873 6101

SAP, Erasmus

















Dean´s Office

As the administrative unit of the faculty, the Dean’s Office is the initial point of contact for all questions regarding study-related issues. The Dean's Office supports and assists (international) students with course selection, (online) registration for individual courses and examinations, recognition of courses and achievements, degree progress and theses. It administrates scholarships and supplies information and advice on university law, study law and Curricula. Together with the Dean of Studies, the Dean’s Office plans, assigns and surveys courses and teaching assignments. It supports the development and introduction of Curricula. Together with the Dean, the Dean’s Office coordinates the faculty budget, personnel matters and internal committees.