Direct Admission

Master Computer Science and Master Software Engineering and Management

The admission of the graduates of the following bachelor’s degree programmes is granted without admission procedure. Please note that depending on the programme completed by a candidate additional courses (Auflagen) may be prescribed either before the beginning of the regular studies or within the regular studies as a replacement for free and elective courses. The additional courses are defined by the Dean of Studies individually for each candidate.

  1. University of Innsbruck:
    • Computer Science (Informatik)
  2. University of Klagenfurt
    • Applied Informatics (Angewandte Informatik)
    • Information and Communications Engineering: Branch Engineering (Informationstechnik: Zweig Ingenieurwiss.)
  3. Johannes Kepler University Linz
    • Computer Science (Informatik)
  4. University of Salzburg
    • Computer Science (Informatik)
  5. Vienna University of Technology
    • Media Informatics and Visual Computing (Medieninformatik und Vis.Computing)
    • Software & Information Engineering
    • Computer Engineering (Technische Informatik)
    • Medical Informatics (Medizinische Informatik)
    • Business Informatics (Wirtschaftsinformatik)
  6. University of Vienna
    • Computer Science (Informatik)
    • Business Informatics (Wirtschaftsinformatik)
  7. Peter The Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
    • Mathematics and Computer Sciences
    • Fundamental Computer Science and Information Technology
    • Mathematical Software and Information Systems Administration
    • Information Science and Computer Engineering
    • Information Systems and Technologies
    • Software Engineering
    • Applied Information Science
  8. Technical University of Munich
    • Informatics (Informatik)
  9. University of Ljubljana
    • Computer and information science: Branch academic studies
  10. University of Zagreb
    • Computing