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The Dean of Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering, Roderick Bloem, is proud to publish the 2021 Dean's List. The list features the top 5% students of their respective study program and semester. Each student received a certificate commemorating their outstanding achievements.

The Scholarship worth 12.000€ was awarded for the second time this year. 13 students were qualified for the scholarship due to exrtraordinary achievements within their bachelor degree. At the end, Jacob Wimmer won the Dean´s List Scholarship. Congratulations to Jakob Wimmer!

Ursula Augsdörfer (Dean of Study CSBME), Jakob Wimmer (recipient), Roderick Bloem (Dean CSBME)

Hey scholarship winner, who are you?

A short Q&A with our scholarship holder

Who are you?
My name is Jakob Wimmer and I´m studying Biomedical Engineering at Graz University of Technology.

Where are you from?
I moved to Graz for my studies, before I lived about 40min away from Graz near Hartberg-Fürstenfeld.

What are you doing?
I´m concentrating in doing a Master in Biomedical Engineering with a focus on Biomechanics.>

I regularly do weight training, go running, play the piano and am passionate about watching movies.

What are your plans after graduation?
Currently I´m planning to start a PhD program, however I have the idea of doing a second technical master's degree before.

What does the scholarship mean to you?
I was already very proud to be on the Dean's List, but getting the scholarship was "the cherry on top of the cake".

What are you going to do with the scholarship?
I will save most of the money, but I will definitely use some of it for one or the other trip, when possible again.

Do you work alongside your studies?
I have been working for more than 3 years as a development engineer at a medical technology company in Graz, where I can directly apply my acquired knowledge in practice.

Will anything change with the scholarship?
In any case, life is more relaxed when you have financial reserves that you can access.

Only the best of the best even have a chance at the scholarship. What is your secret for your outstanding achievements?
Probably time management is the most important thing. I try not to work tightly towards deadlines, but to prepare for exams or submissions as early as possible. It is also important to really understand what you are learning rather than just studying for exams.

Thank you!

Dean´s List 2021

Biomedical Engineering

2nd semester:
Laura Maria Höber, Luca Matteo Kalchgruber, Markus Kobor, Lara Mercedes Penz, Iris Prenninger, Thomas Alexander Pucher, Kilian Maximilian Weber

4th semester:
Annina Brew, Yvonne Nicole Mileder, Tobias Paul Trimmal, Sarah Warger, Florian Zach

Bachelor´s degree completed:
Irina Dobrianski, Jakob Wimmer, Magdalena Hinterkörner

Computer Science

2nd semester:
David Affortunati, Jack Wolfgang Dähn, Fabian Ofner, Ratko Savić, Felix Schatzl, Simon Scherer, Harald Semmelrock, Andreas Strasser

4th semester:
Patrick Louis Aldover, Sebastian Fellner, Edmond Hasanaj, Max Oberaigner, Olga Ovcharenko, Constantin Piber, Irene Strauß, Felix Windisch, Markus Zinggl

Bachelor´s degree completed:
Alexander Vordermaier, Benedikt Tscheschner, Johannes Haring, Mathias Oberhuber, Michael Johannes Steiner

Information and Computer Engineering

2nd semester:
Patrick Ebnicher, Patrick Krumpl, Lukas Liedl, Georg Stelzer

4th semester:
Christoph Brillinger, Jakob Faltisek, Maximilian Ogris, Jonas Pohn

Bachelor´s degree completed:
Alexander Matteo Palmisano,Meinhard Wolfgang Kissich

Software Engineering and Management

2nd semester:
Alexander-Constantin Friessnig, Sabrina Hiden, Tania Kaimel, Johanna Kump, Stella Lukasser, Paul Matthias Mühlbacher, Oliver Christoph Popa, Daniel Scharf

4th semester:
Armin Bodingbauer, Christof Feischl, Matthias Fischer, Florian Glawogger, Julian Raphael Jautz, Thomas Langs, Philipp Steinwender

Bachelor´s degree completed:
Jasmin Viktoria Dirnböck, Peter Grubelnik, Tobias Rieger

Dean's List Ceremony

On October 14th 2021 a festive award ceremony took place during the first CSBME Faculty Day. Representatives of the best second and fourth semester in every study program received their certificates from Vice-Rector Stefan Vorbach and Dean Roderick Bloem. Afterwards they were invited to a dinner in the Restaurant nullneun and could enjoy an informal evening with members of our faculty.