Logos Designed by Our First Semester Students

For the first time this year, we challenged our first semester students to design a logo for their respective study programme. We had a lot of great entries, but unfortunately only one could be chosen per programme. The best ones were also printed as stickers. Here are the winners of 2020!

Biomedical Engineering

With the logo all 6 areas of the programme should be shown:

  1. Chemical and biological basics: chemical flask and DNA helix
  2. Scientific basics: the atomic model (physics)
  3. Fundamentals of computer science: binary code. If one translates the code into decimal, it results in the year/start of study 2020! (11111100100)₂ = (2020)₁₀
  4. Engineering basics: diode (electrical engineering) and gear wheel (mechanics)
  5. Biomedical basics: ECG curve
  6. Soft skills: the heart should stand for ethics and cohesion

In addition, the binary code and the ECG curve were placed in one line (from top to bottom). This should also represent something that we often need in our studies: signal processing!

Computer Science

Our logo contains two squares, as they are also contained in the logo of the TU Graz. The lower right square symbolically depicts a laptop with a 'Hello world!' program on its screen with the heading 'Informatik 2020'. In the upper left square is the logo of TU Graz."

Contributors: Michael Ardelean, Edwin Kelemen, Lena Carola Klambauer, Valdrin Prebreza, Bernhard Scharrer

Information and Computer Engineering

© Zöhrer

At the beginning there was a brainstorming for ideas which are close to the "COVID-19 quarantine year". Our group came up with the symbol the mask, the syringe, the virus itself etc. and finally agreed on the on the typical symbol of a virus. We wanted to keep the design relatively simple, so we didn't want to use too much color. A teammate then came up with the idea of a patch, which is "administered" to the virus by a syringe, which is of course extremely to the point and just right for ICE. However, we wanted to to integrate the electrical engineering somehow, and considered here several things (e.g. microchip in the middle) but then we decided for circuits which go out of the syringes. We chose three syringes, with each syringe containing one letter from from ICE into binary, because that was more rounded, and the binary numbers of three letters would have been too small in one syringe in terms of readability. The "bubbles" in the background were a personal decision, since too little was happening in the background for me, and the ICE in the middle was ultimately for a focal point. 

Software Engineering and Management

© Woger

Our logo combines the most significant parts for us this semester:

  • first, Covid-19. Everything is different, and it's THE topic of the year 2020. Of course it had to be somewhere in the logo.
  • second math. We have/had a lot of math, put a lot of time into it, so math shouldn't miss either. We used the integral sign, as the "S", and the greek Sigma as "E".
  • and last, but for sure not least: we are here to study software engineering, which is represented with the famous "code" form the movie "The Matrix".

Even though we were hardly able to meet in person having a coffee, study together, or just visit lectures, we were managed it to build friendships, talk about our courses, and watch lectures online. Here we have to thank TU Graz, and HTU who made all this possible for us!

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