with Inaugural Lecture of David Garcia Becerra

14th October, 2021


14:30 Welcome
Vice Rector Horst Bischof

14:35 Research Talks
Ursula Augsdörfer
Friedrich Fraundorfer
Elisabeth Lex
Markus Steinberger
Selina Wriessnegger


16:30 Dean´s List Ceremony
top 5% students of first/second year 12.000€ scholarship award

17:15 Inaugural Lecture: David Garcia Becerra

Attention: Registration Requirement due to COVID prevention

Due to the Corona prevention concept, contact data of persons participating in the event have to be collected. The data is processed exclusively for the purpose of contact tracing. The data is kept for 28 days and then deleted immediately.       Register here: EN / DE

David Garcia Becerra


The digital transformation of our society brings new opportunities for research on human behavior thanks to the wealth of data generated by our online life. However, this also brings social issues due to the fast adoption of social technologies and research challenges in the use of new digital trace data in behavioral and social sciences. My work applies large-scale data sources and computational methods to understand our digital society at multiple levels, focusing on affective polarization, gender inequality, and misinformation spreading. I will show our current research in new methods to study emotions from social media data, from tracking mood in whole countries to measuring the emotions of individuals.

Aula "Alte Technik",
Rechbauerstraße 12
or online stream

October 14th, 2:30pm

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