Corona Virus Information

Dear Students!

The Dean's Office will be partially open again from Wednesday, 01 July onwards! As we have to keep physical contact to a minimum, we kindly ask you to arrange an appointment with your contact person in advance. You can, of course, contact us by Discord, e-mail and phone as well! Please send us forms etc. only by e-mail.
Master’s theses can be sent by post or be deposited in our blue mailbox in front of the Dean's Office or at the porter at Inffeldgasse 25.

Head of Office
Sigrid Öllinger, 0316 873 4050,

Diplomas, acknowledgements
Karin Kirchsteiger, 0316 873 4051,

PhD defenses, teaching
Nina Zöchling, 0316 873 4052,,

Optional course acknowledgement, scholarships, lesson timetable
Ursula Birkner, 0316 873 4053,

Marketing, website, newsletter, events
Daniela Schwarz, 0316 873 4055,,

Corona virus information by TU Graz

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