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Key Objectives and Focus Areas

Key Objectives of TU Graz

TU Graz pursues nine long-term objectives, which it aims to achieve within 10 to 15 years. These are a more concrete expression of the vision and are essential to its fulfilment. The pursuit of each objective makes a key contribution towards realising the Vision of TU Graz.

Key Objectives

  • To recruit the best minds for every level of TU Graz; people who have a strong commitment to the goals of the university
  • Best conditions for high-quality research and teaching by providing excellent infrastructure
  • International leading positions in the Fields of Expertise
  • Excellent teaching: all members of the university have a role in transfer of knowledge and skills
  • Intensive cooperations with selected national and international partners from academia and industry
  • Strongly entrepreneurial thinking, high rates of starting businesses by students and graduates and intrapreneurship of staff
  • Visibility in society and effective contributions to society
  • A high proportion of women and diversity at all levels
  • National benchmark for service-oriented university management

Focus Areas of TU Graz

In order to maintain our position as one of the leading international universities in our 5 Fields of Expertise, TU Graz has set out on a goal-oriented and ambitious path, in line with our strategy. The university will shape the future with passion and enthusiasm for science, engineering and innovation and will position itself as a cosmopolitan, open-minded, attractive place for the best minds. National and international cooperations are cornerstones of excellence in teaching and scientific work at TU Graz. International cooperation with selected partner institutions and encouragement and support for new partnerships are essential parts of our strategic alignment. This is why TU Graz will continue to position itself as a strategic partner for distinguished national and international universities and technology companies.

Strategic Tasks

The strategy of TU Graz can be summarized in the form of the following seven tasks:

  • Internationalisation of our research and teaching initiatives
  • Building a research profile based on the highly competitive Fields of Expertise
  • Quality-oriented development of teaching
  • Networking and cooperation with international and national research and business partners
  • Development into a digital university
  • An entrepreneurial university
  • Active support of the ongoing development of the university by means of change management and service-oriented university management

These far-reaching fields of development have already been strongly advanced in recent years; they affect the whole of TU Graz and together form the development corridor that gives the university its direction.

In all these initiatives, change management is an approach to ensure that changes are implemented as well as possible, by making sure that developments and are handled well and become embedded in our culture.