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TU Darmstadt, Germany

After many years of fruitful cooperation, a strategic cooperation agreement was signed in 2017. Due to the similarities of the two universities, the collaboration is very broad and includes all levels.


  • 2017 Strategic partnership
  • 1985 First partnership agreement

Erasmus Agreements

  • Gerneral agreement
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering

Areas of Cooperation


Civil Engineering

Mechanical Engineering and Economic Sciences

Electrical and Information Engineering

Mathematics, Physics and Geodesy

Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering

Technical Chemistry, Chemical and Process Engineering and Biotechnology


Academic Coordinator

Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
Vice Rector for Academic Affairs
Phone: +43 316 873 6010

Administrative Staff

International Office – Welcome Center
Phone: +43 316 873 6424

Steering Committee

TU Graz

  • Prof. Dr. Christian Hofstadler
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Vorbach
  • Prof. Dr. Uwe Schichler
  • Sabine Prem/Barbara Böttger

TU Darmstadt

  • Prof. Dr. Christian Beidl
  • Prof. Dr. Sebastian Schöps
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Roth 
  • Dr. Jana Freihöfer/Regina Sonntag-Krupp/Sabine Roos

Joint Activities

  • Seminars, workshops, conferences, e.g.: Eurographics Workshop, High Voltage Engineering Workshop, Söllerhaus-Workshop
  • Cooperation with companies
  • Joint publications
  • Guest lectures, teaching mobility
  • Supervising doctoral theses
  • Research projects
  • Staff mobility
  • Exchange in administrative matters
  • Matched PhD Programme

Funding as part of the strategic partnership

5th Anniversary of Strategic Partnership

For five years TU Darmstadt and TU Graz have been strategic partners and there is no other university partnership that has led to as much collaboration in research, teaching and university management. One of the most outstanding success stories is that of CREATOR the first German-Austrian collaborative research center. Seed funding of both universities made first meetings between the initiators of this fabulous research alliance possible. If you are interested in starting a cooperation with colleagues at TU Darmstadt there is a special funding scheme. The two universities are now also tightly linked through the European University Alliance Unite! The spirit of a strong commitment could be experienced during the first visit of the whole TU Darmstadt executive board at the beginning of June.

Computer Simulation Optimizes Electrical Machines

The first German-Austrian Collaborative Research Center/Transregio has received funding - a success story for a long-standing cooperation between TU Graz and TU Darmstadt. Annette Mütze (Head of the Electric Drives and Machines Institute at TU Graz) Martin Schanz (Head of the Institute of Applied Mechanics) and Sebastian Schöps (Head of Computational Electromagnetics at TU Darmstadt), initiators of the collaboration, have been working together for many years and have successfully used the opportunity of the special TU Graz – TU Darmstadt funding, both for research and teaching related projects.

TU Darmstadt and TU Graz will develop new models and simulation algorithms to improve electrical machines, for example for e-mobility. The German Research Foundation (DFG) and the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) jointly fund the project with a total of more than eight million euros.

Further information about this TRR-SFB

The partnership between TU Graz and TU Darmstadt is quite a specific one: Scientifically on a very high level the cooperation covers many departments in both countries at both universities. Although including many researchers and staff we always feel like working with friends. The Austrian Gemütlichkeit (cosy atmosphere) combined with Styria´s charm makes it easy for me to like working with our colleagues from TU Graz immensely.

Virtual Joint Lecture Series: TU Darmstadt – TU Graz

Stefan KURZ, Electromagnetism and Mathematical Modelling (M4EM) group, TU Darmstadt:

I am currently conducting a joint lecture series on Electromagnetics and Differential Forms during the Summer Term 2021 within the framework of the strategic partnership between TU Darmstadt and TU Graz. I started this endeavor 2017 in Darmstadt, with a small group of enthusiasts, as a classical black-board format.

With the help of the incentive budget I was able to evolve the lectures into an E-Learning format, including elements such as quizzes in the tool „feedbackr“. This was accomplished in close collaboration with the Institute of Applied Mathematics at TU Graz. What I like a lot about this format: it admits learning in a European network, which might even include further universities in the future. This provides a fresh spirit to Humboldt’s community of teachers and scholars - universitas magistrorum et scholarium.

Mobility Programmes

for students

  • Erasmus+
    (Information for TU Graz students)

for staff

Cooperation with external partners