• ERC Starting Grant 2020 for Birgitta Bernhardt

    She receives the renowned prize for her project to investigate the interaction between UV light and matter in spectral ranges that have not yet been extensively researched

    TUG Pressemeldung | ERC

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  • Birgitta Bernhardt receives the FWF START 2020 Prize

    With her project Electronic Fingerprint Spectroscopy, Birgitta Bernhardt will develop a novel spectrometer that enables a closer look onto electron dynamics in molecules

    TUG Pressemeldung | FWF

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  • Long-Lived Nuclear Coherences in a Quantum Fluid

    A molecule’s dance inside a superfluid helium nanodrop.

    Phys Rev Lett 124, 115301 | full text | APS Physics magazine |

    Femtosecond Dynamics group
  • Coherent Magnetism

    We report how a light-wave can directly manipulate spins - our first step into attosecond magnetization dynamics

    in press (Nature) & press release

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  • Exotic Surfaces

    Toni Tamtögl, Adrian Ruckhofer and Simon Halbritter are investigating exotic surfaces and dynamical processes of new emerging materials.

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  • Nanoscale Photoelectron Microscopy

    Florian Lackner, Alexander Schiffmann & Thomas Jauk using IEP's new NanoESCA for nanoscale photelectron microscopy. Visiting form ELI-ALPS in Szeged, Hungary: Zsuzsanna Pápa

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  • Theory and Modeling

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  • Thermophysics and Metalphysics Group

    Thermophysics and Metalphysics Group

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  • Magnetometry

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    to the Institute of Experimental Physics

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