• Christmas Lecture

    Pottlacher´s Experimental Lecture
    45 Physics Experiments with Balls
    HS P1

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    Our hiking tour led us in beautiful autumn weather through the wild and romantic Bärenschützklamm


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  • Start of lecture EX 1

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  • Coherent Magnetism

    We report how a light-wave can directly manipulate spins - our first step into attosecond magnetization dynamics

    in press (Nature) & press release

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  • Exotic Surfaces

    Toni Tamtögl, Adrian Ruckhofer and Simon Halbritter are investigating exotic surfaces and dynamical processes of new emerging materials.

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  • Nanoscale Photoelectron Microscopy

    Florian Lackner, Alexander Schiffmann & Thomas Jauk using IEP's new NanoESCA for nanoscale photelectron microscopy. Visiting form ELI-ALPS in Szeged, Hungary: Zsuzsanna Pápa

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  • Theory and Modeling

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  • Dual-Comb arrived at TU Graz

    Birgitta Bernhardt installs the first dual comb spectrometer in the new Dual-Comb lab at IEP

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  • Femtosecond Molecular Dynamics

    Time resolved photo-chemistry in liquid helium to study long lived quantum coherences in a solvent enviroment

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  • Thermophysics and Metalphysics Group

    Thermophysics and Metalphysics Group

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  • Magnetometry

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  • Welcome

    to the Institute of Experimental Physics

    Bettina Gsöls-Bedenik, Sandra Brunner and Alexandra Frei manage, organize and know everything:

    Tel.: +43 (0) 316 / 873 - 8141, 8641, 8642


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