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TU Graz people #83

The cover story of the "TU Graz people" winter issue 2023 is dedicated to our university's first energy-saving competition.

In addition, the magazine for TU Graz employees and interested parties reports on the funding for research and teaching infrastructure and shows examples of some of the new facilities. In an E-mail from ... Graz, Chetna Madan writes to Mandi in India about her experiences as a visiting researcher at TU Graz. TU Graz expert Karin Steiner-Krottmayer from Workplace Health Management offers tips for a healthy back.

In addition, you can read about the WomenCareers event series by alumniTUGraz 1887, solve a puzzle and watch a research video on the question: Why is the railway so safe?

How energy saving can succeed

TU Graz was able to record the first successes from its energy savings measures. And the energy-saving ideas of our employees in the competition of the same name are also superb.

Interview with Robbin Steentjes: Let the sun shine in!

Robbin Steentjes from the Institute of Solid State Physics won top prize for his energy-saving proposal. In it, he appeals for a conscious use of the available shading possibilities.

How do I keep my back fit?

We spend a large part of our lives sitting down. TU Graz expert Karin Steiner-Krottmayer from Workplace Health Management gives tips on how to strengthen your back and stay fit even if you don’t exercise enough.

TU Graz brain teaser

Puzzle fans, take note: What does this drawing represent?

Promoting Top Infrastructure

TU Graz wants to further strengthen research and teaching and supports its institutes in investing in excellent infrastructure. A whole range of new facilities is already available.

E-mail from ... Graz

Indian PhD student Chetna Madan gives an insight into her stay as a visiting researcher at the Institute of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology at TU Graz.


With the WomenCareers series, the alumni women’s network of TU Graz makes successful women in technology visible.


Learn more about prizes and awards of TU Graz members (in German).