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TU Graz starts qualification programme in the field of electronics-based systems (EBS)

01/16/2020 | TU Graz news | Studies

By Christoph Pelzl

The Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs is supporting the interdisciplinary FFG programme to the amount of some 900,000 euros. Partners from the domestic electronics industry are thus able to train personnel to become certified EBS specialists.

Together with scientific partners and companies, Graz University of Technology increases the innovative competence of specialists from the electronics industry. © Lunghammer - TU Graz

Electronics-based systems (EBS) are components, devices and systems with micro- and nanoelectronics and the associated embedded software. These systems form the basis for a wide range of digital products and processes – from autonomous vehicles to smart home solutions and intelligent machines. The development of such technologies requires not only special expertise but also, and above all, cross-disciplinary skills in the areas of hardware, embedded software and electronics-based systems.

Leading players make common cause

Under the direction of the Institute of Electronics at Graz University of Technology, an “innovation course” has been developed as a pilot project together with twenty partners from industry, science and business. Against the background of a high research dynamic and increasing competition from Asia and the USA, 67 employees of the partner companies participating in the course will be trained from February 2020 to July 2023 to become certified EBS specialists with know-how in innovation management.

Interdisciplinary transfer of knowledge

“There are already training and continuing education courses in individual EBS topics, but an interdisciplinary approach such as in this course is unique,” explains Bernd Deutschmann, scientific director of the course and head of the Institute of Electronics at TU Graz. Deutschmann points out that the previous internal company-relevant further training courses were associated with a high level of expenditure. “With this future offer, the consortium wants to close a gap in the labour market.”

After completion of the pilot on July 31, 2023, the course is to be sustainably integrated into the portfolio of TU Graz Life Long Learning, the service department for continuing education at Graz University of Technology, and will be open to all interested persons, also outside the partner companies.

Scientific partners:

Corporate partners:

Further information on the research of electronics-based systems at Graz University of Technology can be found online in the article on the first TU Graz-SAL Research Labs and in the article on the Electronic Based Systems Center at the Inffeldgasse Campus.


The course is offered through the FFG programme R&D Competences for Industry, which promotes close cooperation between science and industry and establishes sustainable cooperation between universities, universities of applied sciences and companies.


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