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Group of young people with certificates, flanked by two representatives of TU Graz

Promoting Talent at TU Graz: 330,000 euros awarded to talented students

The “TU Graz 100” programme aims to provide an education in science and technology to young people with excellent learning outcomes – regardless of their financial background. Now the first 36 talented students have received their scholarships in a festive setting.   Read more

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TU Graz events

1. December 2021, 08:00 AM - 10:00

2. December 2021, 07:00 PM - 22:00

Event series

Three men look into the camera. One is holding a tray with lots of sugar cubes

Providing precise medical informationa

When it comes to questions about our health, we want accurate and understandable answers. But "understandable" is a relative term. The occasion in question, previous knowledge and the desired depth of information can be very different. To this end, the knowledge visualization team at TU Graz is...   Read more

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Several small plants in black soil.

How Can We Counter the Climate Crisis?

The clear answer at TU Graz is by diverse research and green innovations. And this is exactly how the University is working for a more sustainable future.   Read more

Planet Research

Mann mit Bart und junge Frau vor violetter Wand, an einem Tisch sitzend im Gespräch

"Nobody does their studies alone"

Many first-semester students start their studies at TU Graz with the exercise course "Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering". Paul Baumgartner and Daniela Hell explain in the interview why feedback counts more for them than the recently won State Prize for Teaching.   Read more

Face to face

Talking about ...

Student Competition Teams and Other Activities offered by TU Graz

Student teams, international programmes, summer schools and internships can be very beneficial for the future careers of students. Veronika Novak, international student at TU Graz, gives advice – especially for newcomers.

Extracurricular activities can be very beneficial for your future and help you create new possibilities. But sometimes it can be tricky for a new student to find the various programmes that exist at TU Graz to support students in their future careers and help them to create new connections. So which...

Talking about ...

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