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Archive Research

The TU Graz archive is your first point of call if you want to find out more about the history of the university and its members. Come to the archive if you are interested in the history of Styrian architecture, are looking for historical images of Styria or want to learn more about your family history.

How can I use the archive?

Interested parties can use the archive collections for their research. You simply need to sign the user request in accordance with the archive regulations.

Accepting bequests

TU Graz archive is happy to receive bequests from former teaching staff, students and Styrian architectural offices with a connection to TU Graz. You can give the documents to the archive management at any time.


TU Graz Archive
Technikerstrasse 4
8010 Graz
Phone: +43 316 873 6610
Area Map Opening times during semesters Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and after prior registration via telephone Simply contact us one day before if you wish to read documents in the archive.

Archive Collections

  • Rectorate and administrative records starting from the year 1826, including building records, examination and doctorate records, graduation record books, civil status forms, appointment records and documents on academic celebrations
  • Minutes of meetings and records of the professor’s council as well as the academic senate starting in the year 1873.
  • Administrative records from all deaneries and faculties
  • Documents from service departments such as the registrar's office, central services, the university library and the archive itself
  • Lifetime and posthumous bequests as well as collections on teaching staff, students and Styrian architects and architectural offices
  • Collections of photos, slides, postcards, maps, posters and old seals
  • Documentation of student institutions and others, such as the ÖH starting in 1946 and the Works Council.
  • Administrative records from numerous teaching establishments and institutes


You can research on-site in the archive or online:
  • If you want to research in the archive, please contact us one day before by telephone or by email and let us know what you intend to research.
  • If you want to undertake research online, you can make use of more than 40,000 digital documents and access an overview of the collection by following this link:
For online research

Archive Projects

Interested parties can use the archive to access interesting information and images on the history of TU Graz.

  • Repository of Styrian cultural heritage
  • Video clip: Images of women at TU Graz
  • Female academic staff

Repository of Styrian Cultural Heritage

The archive presents content in a digital form, together with:
  • the University of Graz
  • the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz
  • Graz Museum and
  • Universalmuseum Joanneum

Content in a Digital Form

  • TU-Styriaca is made up of a comprehensive collection of photos and slides from the archive:
    Photographs and transparencies documenting Styrian and Austrian architectural history of the 19th and 20th century
  • Early records on examinations sat and degrees awarded:
    information on students and graduates of TU Graz between 1826 and 1865
  • TU Graz digital:
    Pictorial and written records on the history of TU Graz
  • Architectural plans of Eichholzer and contemporaries:
    Selected architectural plans of the architectural practice Eichholzer and its successor Hodnik collected in the archive
  • Cimelia:
    Seals, signets, interesting letterheads and letters as well as advertising material and posters.

Female Academic Staff

All women who have worked in a scientific capacity since the foundation of Graz University of Technology have been added to a database. The diagrams show
  • how the number of female academic staff has changed.
  • how the number of women is divided between the different faculties.

Video Clip: Women at TU Graz

The video shows women who are coming to the end of their degree at TU Graz or have already graduated. Women talk about their experiences. 2 women were interviewed from each of the 7 faculties. Contributors:
  • HTBLVA Graz – Ortweinschule (Higher Technical Federal College)  
  • FiT (Women in Technology) at TU Graz
  • Office for Gender Equality and Equal Opportunity at TU Graz

Video Clip: Women at TU Graz

Publication series and commemorative publications

Together with the library, the TU Graz archive will release a publication series with the title “Archive and Library at TU Graz”. There will also be commemorative publications on important anniversaries.

  • Kriegstagebuch Franz Allmer 1941 - 1945
  • TU Graz Art Guide
  • verMESSEN. Franziszeische Grundkataster von Graz
  • Leseturm der TU Graz. Eine Moderne Bibliothek
  • 125 Jahre Alte Technik 1888 bis 2013
You can order the books online at Publishing House of TU Graz.

Kriegstagebuch Franz Allmer 1941 – 1945

The war diary of renowned surveyor Franz Allmer was published by Werner Ablasser and Marieluise Vesulak in 2011. You can find further information on the book here: Book presentation and reading by W. Ranacher

TU Graz Art Guide

The book “TU Graz Art Guide” published in 2011 describes art works at Alte Technik, Neue Technik and Inffeldgasse. In this work, publishers Marieluise Vesulak and Maria Eibelhuber prove that art and technology enrich one another in numerous ways. The book describes not only the works that were created in the framework of “Kunst am Bau-Projekten” between 1991 and 2010, but also the artworks in and on the buildings of TU Graz, the facades and the auditorium at Alte Technik, as well as rector portraits. With its numerous images and campus maps, TU Graz Art Guide invites you to come and discover the art at TU Graz for yourself.
Cover Kriegstagebuch Franz Allmer 1941 – 1945
Cover TU Graz Art Guide

verMESSEN. Franziszeische Grundkataster von Graz

Based on a research project and making use of the Graz land register from the 1820s, this book visualises the development of the city’s appearance and gives you an insight into what the Land Register of Francis I can contribute to research. Information on the life and works of Franz Allmer complete the book. Publishers of volume 3 by TU Graz archive and library, published in 2014: Bernhard Reismann, Elisabeth Seuschek, Marion Starzacher and Ramona Winkler Other scientists have also provided contributions.

Leseturm der TU Graz Eine Moderne Bibliothek

This book was published in 2013 to commemorate the completion of building works at the TU Graz library. Sonja Simbeni and Peter Pretterhofer present the construction history of the building at Technikerstrasse 4 and the architectural spatial and design concept. TU Graz archive and library, volume 4
Cover verMESSEN. Franziszeische Grundkataster von Graz
Cover: Leseturm der TU Graz. Eine moderne Bibliothek

125 Jahre Alte Technik 1888 bis 2013

This commemorative publication by Bernhard Reismann was published in November 2013 to mark the 125th anniversary of the opening of “Alte Technik”. The book sketches the history of the building, connecting it with the history of the University of Technology, and the construction and formal opening of the new building in 1888. It provides an inside into the spatial concepts and artistic design of the building. In addition, it includes the oldest photographs of “Alte Technik” and a historical overview using postcards starting from the year 1897.
Cover: 125 Jahre Alte Technik 1888 bis 2013

For Employees of TU Graz

Storage of Cocuments in Archive

Organisational units at TU Graz are obliged to give documents used in the course of their work to the archive, as they are the property of TU Graz. You can find a description of the documents required and how they are to be sent to the archive in the TU4U intranet. Storage of documents in archive