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Overview: Organisational Structure

The Rectorate, the Senate and the University Council are the three main management bodies at TU Graz. The Deans are responsible for the further development of the 7 faculties with their institutes. Service departments and staff units provide numerous services for internal and external target groups. Representative bodies promote the interests of particular groups of people.

Organisational Chart

To find out about the structure of TU Graz, see the Organisational Chart.

Rectorate of TU Graz

The rectorate manages the university and represents it externally. For aims, tasks and members, see the Rectorate page.

Senate of TU Graz

The Senate is a democratically elected body which represents all groups that are part of the university: academic and non-academic staff as well as students. The tasks and organisation of the Senate at TU Graz can be found under Senate.

University Council of TU Graz

The University Council is a type of supervisory board at TU Graz, which, together with the Rectorate, is responsible for the further development of TU Graz. You can read more under University Council.


Deans The 7 faculties at TU Graz are managed by the Deans.

Faculties and Institutes

At TU Graz, research and teaching take place mainly in its institutes. These are classified in one of the 7 faculties.

Service Departments and Staff Units

Service Departments and Staff Units For the tasks of the service departments and staff units at TU Graz as well as relevant contact details see Service Departments and Staff Units.

Representative Bodies for Members of TU Graz

Interest groups, their tasks and contact details can be found on the pages Representative Bodies for Members of TU Graz.