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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Teaching

Because AI-supported tools are easily accessible, new opportunities are arising to use them in teaching. At the same time, educational concepts must be adapted, and students and teachers need to develop skills related to AI. AI-supported tools can be used to complete all kinds of tasks, ranging from correcting spelling mistakes, to performing translations and making stylistic improvements to text, and on to generating code and images.

TU Graz supports and promotes the use of AI-supported tools in teaching. Teaching staff themselves determine whether and which tools may be used for each course or thesis.


Use at TU Graz

Exactly how AI-supported tools can be used in teaching is clearly described in a guideline issued by the rectorate. In addition, there are educational concepts and recommendations for preparing a course, for using AI-supported tools in a course, and even for developing methods to assess performance considering the availability of AI-supported tools. In addition, citation suggestions for indicating the use of AI are provided for teachers and students.


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Further information

Members of TU Graz can find all important information on the topic of using AI use in teaching on the TU4U intranet:

FAQ about AI at TU Graz

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