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Overview: Teaching at TU Graz

Teaching at TU Graz means: teaching with the latest methods. Teaching in an international environment. Teaching with innovative learning technologies. Research-based teaching.

News about Teaching at TU Graz

Teaching at the university is a constantly evolving profession, whose members strive to offer the students the best possible education to prepare them for their future professional and academic career.
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Strategy of Academic Affairs

TU Graz offers its students an outstanding education and promotes excellence in teaching of its employees with a teaching assignment. We care about education – This strategic advancement aims at positioning TU Graz as an internationally recognized educational institution. Read more about our Strategy of Academic Affairs.

Services for Teaching Staff

TU Graz provides support for its teachers in many ways – allowing them to maintain the high-quality of instruction offered and develop it even further – including innovative learning technologies, training and continuing education offers, and support and mentoring programmes.
Visit Services for Teaching Staff for more information.

Teaching in Dialogue

Dialogue formats and events encourage the exchange of experiences and ideas between stakeholders of TU Graz.
Teaching in Dialogue

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    Information about the summer semester 2021 for teaching staff

    As usual, the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Stefan Vorbach, once again informs you with the “Teaching and Learning News” about the latest and upcoming developments in the field of teaching. More ...

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    First call: Joint Online Courses

    The future of education and international collaborations calls for digitalisation! TU Graz is ready to meet these challenges by promoting such formats in cooperation with (strategic) partners. More ...

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    New: Faculty Representatives for virtual teaching

    Since December 2020, there has been a Faculty Representative for Virtual Teaching (German abbreviation: FBVL) for each faculty at TU Graz. More ...

Stefan Vorbach
Stefan Vorbach, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs

TU Graz views its educational responsibility as pertaining to the entire student lifecycle – beginning with students interested in applying for a degree programme to our graduates. Postgraduate education and training are also becoming increasingly important, very much in the spirit of lifelong learning.

In a nutshell: The education target group at TU Graz includes everyone who wants to acquire new knowledge and skills!

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs

Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
Phone: +43 316 873 6010

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